DWTS Season 14: The Top 11

Stars honor their most memorable year


SAN ANTONIO - They made it through the first elimination, now the top eleven couples take on a new dance. I’m hoping the really good scores continue at that we see a perfect score this week. If that doesn’t happen, I will write off this cast as a bunch of lucky wigglers who fooled the judges the first two weeks. The theme for the week: the most memorable year. Let’s see what happened.
Jack & Anna – Samba


Jack’s year is this one. He met his daughter. Trying. Not. To. Cry. Jack is also getting to dance to one of his songs. Oh, this looks like it could go wrong from the beginning. Jack is standing on the judge’s table, holding a guitar. Totally not necessary. I want this to be good. It’s kind of wild. It was almost like a freestyle dance. It was fun, but I’m not sure it’s going to be good enough to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Len said he had a couple of happy pills before the show. He liked Jack’s rhythm. He loved the choreography. He said it was Jack’s best dance. Bruno said Jack got the party started. He said Jack’s timing is better. Carrie Ann said Jack is a great dancer with clean, neat moves. She wants more.
Maria & Derek – Rumba

Maria’s year was her childhood when she would go to work with her parents. Her song is “Material Girl.” It’s the slowest version of the song I’ve ever heard. If not for the super close camera shots, I would say these two kissed – but I’m almost certain they didn’t. I know this is the second dance of the night, but it’s the sexiest so far. And it rocked it! WOW! So pretty and elegant!

Bruno said, “I felt it.” Derek said, “I felt it, too.” Bruno said, “I bet you did, you naughty boy.” Then, he said the dance had fluidity and sensuality to a song that did not have rhythm. He called that the melodic line. I think. Carrie Ann said it was the vertical and horizontal expression of the true horizontal desire. Len said it was a mix of the ballroom and the bedroom. He said Maria’s technique was really good.
Gladys & Tristan – Fox trot

Gladys’s year was 1957. That was the year of her first tour. She was just 13! She’s dancing to Sam Cooke’s “Cupid.” I could watch Gladys dance forever! She’s really good – and I’m not just saying that for her age. She looks like a natural out there. If she has any nerves, she doesn’t show it. So much fun to watch her in these light dances!

Carrie Ann said Gladys’s frame was elegant and uplifted. She said Gladys dances like she sings – soulful, rich and divine. Len said they’re the same age, but he realizes the amount of work and dedication it takes to dance each week. He liked the flow of the dance. He said her frame has improved. Len asked to be a Pip. Bruno stood up to show off Gladys’s frame. He said she absolutely gorgeous.
Roshon & Chelsie - Samba

Roshon’s most memorable year was 1996 – the first time he saw Michael Jackson on stage. Side note: I. AM. OLD. His song is the Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back.” I don’t know how much samba was in this dance, but I absolutely loved it! Roshon may be my favorite star I’ve never heard of to dance in this competition! He’s just adorable!

Len liked the flair and the Michael Jackson tribute. He wanted to see a little more traditional samba. He liked Roshon’s “give it 100% attitude.” Bruno said Michael Jackson would love the dance. He said he thought he was watching Michael Jackson. Carrie Ann said it was a great tribute to Michael Jackson. She said some of the moves in the transition threw off Roshon’s timing.
Gavin, His Hat & Karina – Rumba

Gavin chose Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” because that reminds him of deciding he wanted to become a musician. Uh oh. Another dance that starts with a star and a musical instrument that is not being played. Thankfully, the dance was better after that. Gavin’s best dance so far. His hat might need to work a little harder.

Bruno noticed Gavin has hips. He said Gavin extended his moves beautifully. He said Gavin needs to work on his turns. Carrie Ann said her heart was going all fluttery for Gavin. She said his moves were sexy and strong. Len said the rumba is so slow that every detail is shown. He saw good hips, more musicality through Gavin’s arms, he didn’t mind the pivots and he saw progression.
Katherine & Mark – Waltz

Her year was 1996 – when Katherine learned her father had lung cancer. SERIOUSLY? I cannot handle tears at this hour! Her song is Josh Groban’s “To Where You Are.” Wow. This is the kind of dance I expect to see in the final weeks of the competition. Katherine is lovely and graceful. I cannot believe she’s not a dancer. She is incredible!

Carrie Ann said, “Your dad is definitely smiling down on you.” She was crying. Katherine was crying. Len said the waltz was danced with grace and elegance. He said there wasn’t enough dancing in ballroom hold. He said Katherine is great in hold, so if there’s another dance like this, he wants Mark to remember that. He said Katherine is a wonderful dancer. Bruno said Katherine is sensational.
SCORE: 29 (Len was the only one to give them a 9)
Sherri & Val – Rumba

Sherri’s most memorable moment was when her son was born prematurely – with MANY health problems. DWTS, YOU ARE KILLING ME! I CAN’T CRY BEFORE BED! I WON’T BE ABLE TO OPEN MY EYES IN THE MORNING! Sherri was emotional – but she went from moments of sadness to lip synching to smiling. I think Val might have done more rumba than Sherri. Maybe it was the commercial break between her taped set-up and the dance that lost me (FF can take a lot out of a girl).

Len appreciated the emotion in the dance. He thought she did a great job. Bruno said “Momma can move.” He said it was very well expressed. Carrie Ann said Sherri lets every emotion into her dance. She loved Sherri’s lines.
Melissa & Maks - Jive
Melissa’s most memorable year was 2010. She fell and broke her back. I cannot believe she could hardly walk and now she’s dancing! She’s dancing to “Dog Days Are Over.” I’m waiting for jive. Oh, there it is. I think. Wait. Maks is doing it. Melissa’s barely getting her feet up. I think she worked harder to take out her ponytail at the end of the dance. Maybe these stories of personal tragedy are too much for me to love the dances?

Bruno said Melissa put the raunch into the jive. He said she dances beautifully with Maks. Carrie Ann loved it. She said she saw no nerves. Len said Melissa has come into the competition.
Jaleel & Kym - Rumba
Jaleel’s most memorable year was the year he played Steve Urkel’s alter-ego: Stefon Urkel. He said it showed a new side of himself. If Jaleel’s channeling any of his characters in this dance, it’s Stefon. This was cool and smooth. And I liked it!

Carrie Ann said it was good. She said Jaleel has a very unique style. Len said he thought it was a competent performance. He said Jaleel had his hips going, but his upper body wasn’t expressive enough. Bruno said Jaleel played cool, well and smooth. Jaleel cried before getting his score. He said he loves entertaining people and just wanted to get through this week.
William & Cheryl – Salsa
William’s memorable year was 1995 – the year he came to the United States. He grew up in Cuba. William’s shirt magically popped open at the start of the dance. See, ladies? If you wish something and you concentrate hard enough, it can happen! I was just about to be sad that they messed up when Cheryl was doing spins under William’s legs, but it looked like it was part of the dance. This was one of the happiest performances of the night! (Not just because William was open-shirted)

Len said William put “a whole new meaning into ‘Free Willie.’” He said William conquered the salsa. Bruno wanted William to come closer. All Bruno got was a little hand holding. He said it was amazing. Carrie Ann said it was ridiculously hot. She caught Cheryl’s mishap.
Donald & Peta – Rumba
Donald’s memorable year was 2010. His best friend died from cancer. Annnnnd I’m crying. Again. Jeez. Louise. I’m a mess. I’m so glad this isn’t a video blog. This had moments of grace. But there was something about Donald – like he didn’t open up or his shoulders were tight. Maybe he wasn’t following through all the steps. Or maybe I’m just getting tired. I didn’t love it, but I did like it.

Carrie Ann said the passion Donald expressed was mesmerizing. She noticed a turned in toe and a few lifts, but she let it slight. Len said he was surprised by the warmth in the dance. He said the whole evening has been awesome. Bruno said he likes that Donald pushes himself to the limit every time. He said the content was difficult. He said the competition was going to turn into a battle of the hunks.

Tuesday, the Macy’s Stars of Dance returns. Seal and Rascal Flats will perform. One couple will be sent home (eyes on you, Melissa).
If you want to see any of the performances, you can watch the show online here.


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