DWTS Season 14: Rock Week

Music rocked, some couples rolled to the bottom of the lead­erboard


SAN ANTONIO - Are you ready to rock?



Then I hope you’re ready for a recap of the fourth week of performances on Dancing With The Stars. It’s “Rock Week” – which should be less emotional than last week (I hope). The show started with KISS performing “Rock and Roll All Nite” while the pros and their painted faces danced. Now, it’s on to the competition!

Sherri & Val – Tango
They’re dancing to Quiet Riot’s “Cum On Feel The Noize,” which Tom pointed out is a strip club favorite. Sherri kept her emotions in check for much of this dance. I just noticed she’s pigeon toed. Just when I was thinking she’s got this,, they broke hold, she straddled Val and I was almost afraid her top was going to come down.

Len said Sherri had a little incident with her feet, but he thought she did a good job. Bruno said he likes it when Sherri’s mean and moody. He said she played it well. He said Sherri needed to be a little bit sharper. Carrie Ann said the dance was good, but it lacked Sherri’s passion. What the feauxhawk is happening with Carrie Ann’s hair? FOCUS. So she wants more expression from Sherri.

Katherine & Mark – Paso doble
Mark took Katherine cage fighting to try to get her to become a warrior for this dance. If that doesn’t help, maybe Katherine’s super-teased hair and leather pants will? This girl is good, even when she looks bad (but bad in a REALLY good way).

Bruno said Katherine has to be careful because with all the fury, the dance needs definition. He said Katherine forgot to finish the steps. Carrie Ann said Katherine wasn’t on her feet – she was readjusting her feet. She appreciated Katherine’s intensity. Len said the dance had promise but didn’t deliver. He said it wasn’t bad. He said Katherine went for the attack and the artistry disappeared.

Jaleel & Kym – Tango
Interesting that they did not address all the rumors that Jaleel is a “Jerkel.” But he played nice during rehearsals, so maybe it’s not true. Comparing this to Sherri’s tango, I’d say Jaleel rocks the tango a little harder. This was really fun!

Carrie Ann said she loved it. She said it was funky and weird. She said Jaleel is a little smooth, but he needed a hair more staccato. Len said he liked the humor. He said it needed more attack. He said the footwork needed more panther-like stalking. Bruno said he loved the Jagger at the beginning – but it has to be in the feet. He said the performance was good.

Melissa & Maks – Paso doble
Maks was punked by the wardrobe department. Seriously. If you missed the show, go online to see his costume. Oh, and his Ken doll chest. I was so distracted by all of that, I honestly have no idea if Melissa has been any good. I’m not sure if Maks stumbled at the end or if Melissa didn’t get up, but this what I saw looked like a mess.

Len said Bruno was commenting in his ear which annoys him. He said he thought Melissa came out with confidence and attacked the dance. He said he didn’t care that Maks fell over. Bruno said the dance had hot-blooded drama aplenty. He loved the flavor of Spain, but the ending was messed up. He said at times Melissa is still running for the dance instead of being on top of it. Carrie Ann said it was Melissa’s best performance yet. She said Melissa doesn’t consider herself equal with Maks when she’s in hold. She said they need to find a balance.

Donald & Peta – Paso doble
I could be wrong, but I think Donald may be the first star to dance shirtless this season. Wow! Seeing that, I’d say HE rocks! Oh, and he can dance, too! This guy is crazy strong and seems to move Peta around like she’s a feather. Donald stuck his tongue out. He strutted. Most personality in a dance so far. LOVED THIS!

Bruno said Donald has great guns. He said Donald is muscular, masculine and magnificent. He said the dance had power, pride and a bit of a sense of humor. Carrie Ann said it was the most psychedelic, bizarre, sexy, raunchy paso she’s ever seen. She said it was spectacular. Len said he never thought he’d get excited seeing a man with his shirt off. He said after the show, he and Donald can compare tattoos. He said Donald frightened the life out of him. He also said it was Donald’s best dance.

Gladys & Tristan – Tango
Gladys said she’s the grandma of rock and roll. She said there was nothing she heard in the grapevine that told her how hard this dance would be. Oh, the beginning – with the judges and Tom singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” – so cute! I love Gladys, but this seemed a bit hoppy for a tango. I wanted her to come with a little more than she brought.

Carrie Ann said it was Gladys’s most ambitious routine. She said the song was hard to dance to. She said it didn’t all come together. Len said Tristan did a good job with the choreography. He thought Gladys coped well with difficult music. He said Gladys needs to work on her posture and her feet. Bruno said Gladys is always a class act. He said this was the most difficult song to pick. He said Gladys coped well, but the dance lacked impact.

William & Cheryl – Jive
William has never heard of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Two guys from a band called Steel Panther showed up to give William a lesson in rocking. William thought they were girls. So strange. I might be dreaming all of this. Oh. This seems very unnatural to jive to this song. I’m trying to ignore the music. And we have a booty shake. Oh no. William got caught up on Cheryl. He regained his composure but seemed to be looking to Cheryl a lot. Maybe he’s lost? Maybe all of this wasn’t so great because William’s wearing a shirt.

Len said William went wrong, he lost timing. Bruno said William’s performance always rocks the house. But he said William went wrong. He said William can’t be complacent. Carrie Ann said William has something very special, but William has to nail the routines. She said he needs to stay focused.

Roshon & Chelsie – Viennese waltz
This was so sweet, but it had moments where it seemed like they paused to start the steps again. Did Chelsie throw stones into the crowd or did one of her bracelets come apart? I liked this, it just wasn’t my favorite Roshon dance.

Bruno said Roshon was flying so high he could touch the sky. He loved the way Roshon extends the line through his hands. He said the dance was elegant and romantic. Carrie Ann said it was like watching the climax of a Disney movie. She said Roshon is the best dancer of the men. Len said, “Good job, dog.” Those were the three words Roshon wanted to hear from Len. Len said Roshon performed with panache. He said there was a little stumble, but it was good.

Maria & Derek – Tango

Maria’s feet were hurting her, so she went to a doctor. She has bruises on multiple bones on her foot and a stress fracture on her right foot. She could break her foot dancing. She said she’s going to keep going. Derek is rocking a Mohawk. Their footwork is unbelievable! At times, it was like their feet were tied together – moving at the exact same moment. OOOH! I really loved this!

Derek gave Maria a piggyback ride to get her off her feet. Carrie Ann said they have great chemistry together. She loved it. Len said the dance had the aggression, he thought it sometimes lacked control. He said Maria has the best posture. He said the dance was pretty good. Bruno said Maria had sex appeal. He said the dance was brilliant.

Gavin & Karina – Tango
Gavin said rock and roll is his element. If only that translated to dancing. That hat Gavin had on is the least rock and roll thing I’ve seen all night. And his shoulders were doing a weird thing – like he was hunching up. However, this was Gavin’s best dance of the season.

Len said he liked it. He said the dance had flair and attitude. He said Gavin’s posture was bad. He said Gavin has to tuck his bum under. Bruno said Gavin was determined and focused, but his frame was bad. He said Gavin was a little bit messy on one part. Carrie Ann said she thought she was watching Johnny Depp on the stage. She thought Gavin’s posture was a little strange.

Tuesday night, KISS returns to perform. The crew from the DWTS Vegas show will take the stage. Also, one couple will go home (sorry to say, but my eyes are on Gladys). 

If you want to watch the show online, click here.


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