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DWTS season 14: The finale

Top three couples perform two dances


SAN ANTONIO - It’s FINALLY the finale! The remaining three couples have to perform two dances tonight and I expect to see more than one perfect score tonight (I’d add “or else,” but I’m pretty sure the judges don’t read my recaps). Let’s get on with the dancing!


William & Cheryl – Cha Cha Cha

Bruno chose this dance for William & Cheryl. He scored a 24 the first time he did this dance. I don’t know what’s happened with William, but he’s not just hot, he looks like a real dancer! He also seems to be having fun dancing. Wow! This was probably the best dance he’s done all season!

Len said it was as good of a cha cha as he’s ever seen in 14 seasons. Bruno said it was an intoxicating Cuban cocktail of natural fluid moves and more – Bruno was gyrating and I was distracted. He said William’s hip action was great and so was his placement. Carrie Ann said William has grown miles. She said it was stunning.


Katherine & Mark – Paso Doble

Len chose this dance for Katherine & Mark. Len said the last paso had too much attack. Len has never given Katherine a “10.” Wonder if his coaching will help? I don’t know what Len is thinking, but this girl is absolutely amazing! I don’t think she had a single misstep. I also don’t think her back is hurt anymore. If it is, she’s not showing any sign of it.

Bruno said it was a paso doble full of vivid, lustrous artistry. He said it was technical brilliance. Carrie Ann said it was like watching a prima ballerina. She said Katherine is the prima diva of the DWTS ballroom. Len said it was like a buffet of Spanish tapas. Which is good. And now I’m hungry.


Donald & Peta – Argentine Tango

Carrie Ann chose this dance for Donald & Peta. She said Donald needs to have more dynamic movements. Fellas, you might want to go back and look at this dance. Peta’s dress isn’t quite a dress. It’s like two strips of fabric held together by a couple of strips of sequins. I am so happy to see Donald’s strength used here. This guy is incredibly strong! He lifts Peta like she’s nothing. Incredible!

Carrie Ann loved it. She said there was a new crispness in Donald’s moves. Len said it had more content. He said the lifts were great. He said the dance was a little careful. Tom said Len is starting to annoy him. Bruno said Donald went small in the details but had strong storytelling. He liked it.

SCORE: 29 (Len didn’t give it a “10”)

Next up … FREESTYLE!

William & Cheryl

This was a combination of the Latin dances they’ve done with a billion lifts mixed in. Cheryl tried her best to get a few points by ripping open William’s shirt. There was a whole lot of gyrating. But the lifts – they were pretty awesome!

Len said what William does, he does well. He liked the lifts, the changes of rhythm, but he said the dance was too predictable. He said all William does is “shake your butt and get the women screaming.” He didn’t want a salsa with lifts. Bruno said they were like two devils unleashed upon the earth into a Latin-inspired extravaganza. Carrie Ann did the robot and smiled. She said it was exactly what a freestyle should be. She argued with Len. Tom saved us from that and sent the show to commercial.

SCORE: 29 (Len didn’t give it a “10”)


Katherine & Mark

Katherine started this off by showing off her amazing voice. She hit a high note then launched into Mark’s arms! This was kind of campy, but I liked it. The lifts were pretty good, too! SIDE NOTE: anyone else think Katherine was wearing the world’s largest white granny panties (no offense to grannies or their panties)? I mean, they could have at least made a greater effort to make them look like shorts. Sparkly white shorts. Poor Katherine! Somehow, I don't think the judges will hold that against her.

Bruno said it was fast and flamboyant. He said he’s never seen so much content so fast and so well executed. Carrie Ann said Katherine is a fabulous performer. She said it was the dance of a champion. Len said “if I’m asleep and dreaming, don’t wake me up. This is a freestyle.” So, he liked it?



Donald & Peta

Cowboy Troy sang for these two. They were dressed like cowboys (I think). Fellas, again, check this one. Peta’s wearing essentially a fringe bikini. There were so many lifts in this; I don’t know how they were able to keep their hats on for most of this dance! WOW!

Carrie Ann was standing on the table dancing. Never seen that! She said it was her favorite dance of the night. Len said Donald took a great chance and was fantastic. Bruno said he cannot resist a ride in the wild, Wild West. He said it was a country-inspired triumph.



Tuesday, the finalists perform one more time – a dance they’ll learn right after Monday’s show. Also, I’m going to take the last night off because the winner will be old news by the time I get around to recapping. My pick to win the mirrorball trophy: Katherine & Mark. See ya next season!


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