Dancing With The Stars Week 2: Shake, Rattle and Jive!


SAN ANTONIO - This week, the gloves are off and the claws are out.
Everyone has stepped up their game with either their quirky Quickstep or Jumping' Jive. It was a fun night; some of the worst dances were the most fun to watch while some of the better ones seemed a bit bland.
My personal favorite routines were: Kirstie's very voluptuous jive. I mean, come on this woman can move. Bristol's Country Quickstep. Yes, it was a bit yee-ha and hoe-downish, but I found that routine to be so much fun. Helio's full-of-energy jive. Drew's super sexy jive, and Shawn's Broadway-themed jive. It was a night of pure glee, joy, and all around fun. I couldn't sit still; I was moving and grooving. This week is so close and tightly packed that I honestly don't know what is going to happen.


The scores for last night's show are as follows:

  • Melissa and Tony: 23.5
  • Bristol and Mark: 18
  • Helio and Chelsie: 23
  • Apolo and Karina: 24.5
  • Sabrina and Louis: 26
  • Kirstie and Maksim: 21
  • Emmitt and Cheryl: 22.5
  • Drew and Anna: 22.5
  • Joey and Kym: 22.5
  • Shawn and Derek: 25
  • Kelly and Val: 22
  • Gilles and Peta: 25.5

Apolo, Gilles, Helio, Kelly, Shawn, and Emmitt are pretty much granted a free pass into next week due to their fan bases.
What Sabrina lacks in fan bases she makes up for in solid performances, so next week is pretty much sealed just for her.
I think that Melissa has a 50-50 chance of getting into next week and possibly being in the bottom two/three. Her performance was solid and she received a standing ovation, but she performed first, which can be the kiss of death for any celebrity.
Drew has already been in the bottom two, and I think that his performance Monday night was solid and sexy, which could urge people to vote for him.
Joey lacks technique, but makes up for everything in solid performance. I think he is up there with Melissa, with a 50-50 shot into next week.
Everyone loves a performer, but performance with very little technique gets old really fast.
Kirstie's performance was very solid and I honestly enjoyed it myself. Even though she didn't necessarily get a "great" score, I think her personality will pull her through into next week.
Finally, Miss Bristol, poor thing. I enjoyed her two-stepin quickstep, but I have to be honest. Technically, it wasn't that good. I had fun with her routine, but it was a big step backwards, and I think this routine could in fact seal her fate. If she gets by this week, we'll I honestly will be shocked.
It has become common knowledge that after the second dance, it doesn't follow any sort of "dance format" between two dances. It revolves around either a personal story week or a most memorable year.
I think that the celebrities who choose more touching and tear-jerking routines have a bigger advantage over the ones who bring in the more upbeat and fun routines (*cough Kristin Cavallari cough*)
Shawn, Melissa, Bristol, and possibly Kirstie will probably go for a more contemporary pieces that involve something that they have had to overcome in their life; which could either be a make it or break it moment for them.
Emmitt, Joey, and Helio might come out with a more positive story in regards to what has happened in their life because these are our performers with bucket loads of charm and charisma for years.
I think that would be more of a safe haven for the pros who aren't up to taking risks just yet, but they could be penalized for staying to close to home.
Sabrina, Gilles, Apolo and Drew are the heart-throbs of the competition; it wouldn't surprise me if they came out with a story that outlined some form of jazz or swing that could enlighten sex-appeal.
So, in all honesty, these stories could very well outline their future in this competition as to whether or not they are fighters working their rears off to stay in this competition. Or are they just putting in mediocre performances and skating by with the help of their fan base?
We will know next Monday, Oct. 2, on KSAT 12.
If you missed the performance last night or you just want to see a slight recap because it was so awesome, visit the official "Dancing With The Stars" web site.

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