DWTS All-stars: Guilty pleasures - round two

Four couples perform, second team dance goes "Gangnam Style"


SAN ANTONIO - It’s a break from the Tuesday routine: no elimination this week – just four more couples and another team dance. Let the second round of guilty pleasures begin!


COUPLE: Melissa & Tony
DANCE: Tango

This dance is to Britney Spears’s “Toxic.” Melissa has never done a tango. She’s the first contestant crying tonight. She was frustrated because she kept messing up during rehearsals. Oh, monkeying around before the dance. There’s a chemistry set. Melissa did put on a short, sassy red wig for this dance. You almost don’t notice her neck injury. Her legs were very swingy (I’m guessing that’s a word). I think she was good. I didn’t notice the missteps she had in rehearsal.

Len thought Melissa performed the dance excellently – it was crisp and sharp. Tom reminded Len that Melissa went to the hospital two days ago. Len told Tom to keep his witty comments to himself. Tom said, “That was more of a factual comment in an attempt to find your beating heart.” Bruno called Melissa a fantasy creature. He said the dance was intoxicating. Bruno said her top line could have been sharper. Carrie Ann said Melissa was gritty and in character. She said Melissa’s torso could be tighter.


COUPLE: Shawn & Derek
DANCE: Rumba

This dance is to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” Whaaaaat? Not exactly rumba music. Or is it?!? Shawn’s gymnastics training taught her to perform without emotion. She said this is going to be tough for her. She’s so good at not showing emotion, she didn’t even cry during rehearsals! OK. I’m now on board with this being rumba music! They danced on an elevated round platform, sometimes coming dangerously close to the edge. Shawn’s lines were fantastic. These two were rarely more than a few inches apart. I didn’t think she could top last week’s dance, but wow! And Derek gong over the edge and drifting into the smoke – just incredible!

Bruno said it was awesome – like waves in the ocean. He said Shawn was emotionally connected. Carriei Ann said Shawn has grown so much. She said her lift was fantastic, but lifts aren’t allowed. Derek called it a catch. Bruno agreed. Tom said, “Tonight, Carrie Ann plays the iceberg.” Len said he great expectations and got bleak house. He said there was no hip action. Bruno got up to demonstrate what he saw. Len said he loved the number, but didn’t think it was a rumba. Lots of booing from the audience.

SCORE: 27 (Bruno gave them a 10)

COUPLE: Apolo & Karina
DANCE: Samba

This dance is to Rick James’s “Give It To Me Baby.” Oh, what the white disco pants is happening, Apolo? Never mind. This is insanely fast and the fact that these two are singing along makes it look like they’re not even working hard on the dance floor. Karina did not fall this week, so there’s no way they don’t get really good scores for this one!

Carrie Ann said Apolo’s leg work is fantastic, but she said something is not quite right. She doesn’t feel like Apolo has had his breakthrough dance. She said they need to work on their chemistry. Len said I thought it was terrific. He said there was a little too much thrusting. He said it had rhythm, was clean and precise. Bruno thought Apolo was sexy, had good timing. He said Apolo did a really good job.


COUPLE: Sabrina & Louis
DANCE: Waltz

This dance is to “So This Is Love” from the movie “Cinderella.” She did look like a princess! These two had no problem gliding around the stage. At times, it even looked like Sabrina was a doll spinning in a jewelry box. This was lovely and elegant.

Len loved the story. He loved the flow of the dance. He said it was charming and fantastic. Bruno said it was like a magic ride into an enchanted kingdom – all while flailing his arms and swooning in his chair. Louis gave Bruno the sparkly slipper. Carrie Ann said Sabrina didn’t quite get to vulnerability. She said it was elegant, light, airy and gorgeous.

SCORE: 29 (Carrie Ann gave them a 10)


These four are all wearing colorful suits and sunglasses. The ladies all have short black wigs on. They’re promising to bring the fun. Their Crayloa suits have me thinking they’ve done that. Not sure we needed to see the ladies bent over. Oh – they’re stripping! Kirstie & Maks had their solos first – they were dressed like they were going to the gym. Lots of booty shaking. Emmitt & Cheryl were next. Looks like they were wearing PJs. Emmitt brought out the Hammer dance! Kelly & Val were next. No shirt on Val. Kelly had sparkly shorts. Lots of spinning. Gilles & Peta were last. They were wearing what looked like towels. Lots of disco like moves. Oh, so much fun! Then, they did the Gangnam style dance. Such silliness! I loved it!

Len said it was the craziest number he’s seen. It wasn’t tight, it wasn’t together, but he said they should have come with a health warning. Bruno asked for Gilles to give him the towel because he was wetting himself. Gilles complied. Bruno liked it. Carrie Ann said they were a hot mess – sometimes that turns into crazy, fun insanity.


This week’s votes carry over to next week’s country night competition.


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