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Leslie's Diary: Monday, Dec. 18

Leslie Throws A Hair Shaving Party


SAN ANTONIO - Just call me baldy! Yep, it's true -- I'm as bald as a newborn baby. And I have to say I look pretty darn good!!

If there's one thing that I've learned through this experience, it is that the expectation and anticipation are a lot worse than the reality of losing my hair.

I cried when the chunks started coming out last Thursday. I refused to watch it fall out strand by strand. So I threw a hair shaving party Thursday night. I had all the necessities: clippers, family, friends and wine!

First, my friends made a bunch of little braids in my hair. They were memory locks and everyone kept one to remember this moment. We even tied a pink ribbon to each one to signify breast cancer awareness.

My two-year-old daughter Nicole cut off the first braid! She loved it! She thought it was the most fun she'd ever had -- even asking to cut "suhmore" off.

Then my husband Tony clipped off a lock -- and on down the line of friends. I cried -- but my daughter reassured me "it's okay mommy." She was right, it is okay.

After the braids were gone my dear friend and hair dresser Becky went to work. She cut my hair different lengths to show me what we can work with as it grows back! As my hair got really short and I mean really short, I began to realize it isn't so bad! I actually look okay with short hair!

Next, the buzz. Everyone took a turn buzzing my hair. It was fun! And after my hair was shaved off my husband Tony sat in the chair and we shaved his off too! I have to say that he looks darn good bald too!

He and a friend of ours, Cowboy, shaved their heads in support of me. They say they're going to keep them shaved until my treatments are over and my hair starts growing back! Now that's true support!

All my adult life I've hidden behind my hair. I've spent countless hours and tons of money cutting it, coloring it and conditioning it. My hair, I thought, was an integral part of who I am. I couldn't bear the thought of losing it.

But what this whole experience has taught me is that my hair has nothing to do with who I am. God blessed me with a beautiful bald head, and I'm proud to show it off!

I'm more confident in myself now than I have ever been in my life and feel better about who I am than I ever thought possible. I hope to help eradicate the stigma of losing one's hair by proudly walking around bald!

I'll wear my wig on the air because I wouldn't want to distract viewers from the news. But don't think it's because I'm ashamed -- because I'm not.

And if you're walking through the mall or eating at a restaurant and you see some bald chick wander in head high (and shiny) it's probably me!!! Don't be afraid to look and don't feel sorry for me. Be happy for me because I've never been happier for myself!


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