Leslie's Diary: Monday May 21


SAN ANTONIO - Good news it was just a cyst!
I haven't written in a while because I was waiting on the pathology report from the biopsy before saying anything and the news is good!
My surgeon, Dr. Leist, awoke me with the good news -- it looked like a tiny cyst. She says it was so small -- smaller than a pea -- that they couldn't even do a frozen biopsy there and would have to send it off.
I just talked to her assistant and it's confirmed -- it's not malignant! In some ways I feel a little guilty for ever worrying about it but in other ways I'm glad it's out and I know for sure it isn't cancer!
I've been on Tamoxifen for a few weeks now and other than a lot of hot flashes, I don't notice any difference. I'm hoping those hot flashes either subside with time or my doc can give me something to help ease them. She mentioned an anti-depressant that helps but my family and friends laugh at that idea. "You on an anti-depressant?" they say, "We can only imagine your energy level then!" I'll talk to her about it next week when we meet.
This Thursday I have a follow up with my surgeon and there is a cat scan scheduled. Just a routine check to make sure everything looks okay. I'm thinking about having my ovaries removed next. I know I'm at increased risk for ovarian cancer now, and it's such a tough one to diagnose that I don't know if I want to play the waiting game. I don't need them anyway and if there's a chance I could have it I want them out! I'll worry about that in a few months though -- not quite yet.
Life has been so good! My daughter turns 3 next week and we've planned a big Barbie bash swim party! She is so excited! Every day she asks "Is my party today Mommy?"
I have to tell her "Not today honey, Saturday!" She just doesn't have a concept of time yet but it sure is cute watching her try to understand. She always asks "Is it tomorrow yet?"
My mother in law is coming in town Wednesday. It will be the first time she's visited us since we've moved back to San Antonio.
I've been frantically cleaning the house. Not that she's critical -- I just want to make sure everything is just right. She's a breast cancer survivor too. She went through a lumpectomy, chemo, radiation and is now on Tamoxifen.
Sounds familiar! It was helpful to have her to turn to with questions through my battle. She's a tough cookie too.
Starting Thursday, I'll be gone for about a week. I plan to return rested. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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