Leslie's Diary: Thursday April 18

SAN ANTONIO - So much to say, so much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for!
I finished radiation two weeks ago and I never had any real problems from it.
The doctor told me that the worst of it may take a week or two to show up but I never blistered, peeled or really even burned.
The skin did get quite pink but it never hurt! I don't know if the lotion paid off or if I'm just real lucky!
Now that it's over I am battling a few negative demons, though. I have to work hard to shake them from my mind. I keep thinking I feel a new lump in the left breast or one in the right one! Paranoia at it's finest! Now that I know it's over I fear that it really isn't -- cancer is there somewhere, lurking, laughing and waiting to surface!
But I also know in my heart that it's all nonsense and the thoughts are just that -- thoughts and demons trying to drag me down. I'm healed and that's that!!!
The next step is Tamoxifen. I have an appointment with my oncologist Monday and we'll get me started then. I don't really know what to expect from it because I have heard so many different reactions to it.
My mother in law has had no problems at all on it, others have written and said it has been horrible! I'll just have to wait and see how it works on me!
On the hair front there's plenty to report. It's growing -- boy is it growing!
It took about six weeks after my last chemo treatment to see anything at all and bam -- in the last week -- it's sprouted up all over!! A thick full head of hair (all be it short).
I'm at the stage where people look at me and I can tell they're thinking "is she doing that on purpose?" I've even had a few people tell me how cute my haircut is. I laugh to myself when that happens , I smile and thank them.
The color is crazy! It's a mixture of blond, brown, black and yes, a little bit of grey too!
I've decided to take the wig off for good in a couple of weeks. My news director said that I can take it off now if I want to but I decided to wait until my series on radiation. That will give my hair a chance to grow a little more and coincide with the story on radiation.
I've been looking back at all the tapes we shot during the radiation and logging them for the stories. It's funny to see how my hair has grown over those 6 weeks. Everyone will see the difference in the stories.
I'll show my hair now and that will be it! The wig will gone forever! I have to tape the wig on now and it hurts to take it off because it sticks to my hair! My real hair will be quite a shock though and take some getting used to for viewers.
The color is much darker and of course much shorter, but I think everyone will get used to it quickly! I have!
My vacation started out fabulous but my grandmother died while I was there. It was unexpected but in many ways it was a blessing. I was already there along with my husband and my daughter and we got to say goodbye!
The doc called and said that her systems were shutting down and gave her only 72 hours at most. We rushed over to the home, said our goodbyes and within 4 hours she was dead.
She's in heaven now -- with my mother (her daughter)and her husband who died 11 years before her. I know that she's happy now and pain free.
The whole family went to the funeral, so it was a wonderful reunion but not the best circumstances for it.
Oh yeah, by the way, I received a call today from a producer at the Oprah Winfrey show. They're considering a show on vanity and may want me as a guest. They too heard about my decision to anchor bald and wanted to know more about it. I'll let you know what happens.
That's all for now I'll write again soon!
God bless :)


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