Leslie's Diary: Thursday, Jan. 4

SAN ANTONIO - What a great day to be alive! I feel fantastic, love my job, love my family, the weather is beautiful, and my white cell count is through the roof! Thank you, God!
After almost two weeks of being sick, I thought I would never feel good again. I went to the doc to get blood work done one week after chemo because I just couldn't seem to get well.
It turns out my white cell count was critically low -- at 100 -- and my platelets were also a little low. My family was immediately put under a quarantine for 5 days -- not allowed to be around anyone for fear I would be exposed to some virus.
White cells fight off infections and since my cell count was critically low, I had no immune system -- no way to fight off even a common cold. I was told to stay inside, hunker down and take an injection for five days to up my count.
By New Year's Day I was finally feeling like a human being again! My latest blood count was at 13,000! That's right -- from 100 to 13,000!
I never knew how much I took my health for granted. Now I know. I am enjoying the feeling of just not feeling. Not feeling nauseous, not feeling achy, not feeling chills, not feeling downright exhausted!
I mentally go through my body and rejoice at the realization that my body is healthy. I will savor this sense of being every moment of every day until my next chemo.
Unfortunately that day is around the corner. One week from today it's back to the oncologist, back into that chair, back to having the red liquid course through my body.
I dread it. I absolutely hate the thought of it! I know it's necessary and I know it's almost over. But I don't look forward to it.
I have only two treatments to go. So after this next one it's one left!! Somehow that doesn't make it any easier, though!
Every time seems to be different and maybe this time I won't have any bad side effects at all! (Yeah, right!)
I met two women in the doctor's office who are also undergoing chemo. They have to do it once a week -- three weeks on, one week off, for one year! They are true troopers!
It's amazing how God always provides us with a reality check when we begin to feel sorry for ourselves. I realize I have nothing to complain about. Mine is only once every three weeks and only four treatments!
Oh well, I will just enjoy this next week and thank God for the good days, while praying for strength to handle the upcoming bad days!


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