Leslie's Diary: Tuesday, Dec. 5

First Chem­otherapy Effects

SAN ANTONIO - After a three day weekend I'm back at work -- again!

I thought I had kicked the worst of this thing after surviving last Thursday -- I was wrong!

Saturday morning the other shoe fell .. and hammer... and anvil. EVERYTHING seemed to fall at once! It felt as if every nerve in my body was on fire -- my muscles ached -- and the nausea -- oh the nausea -- it was overwhelming!

The only thing that made me feel better was a very strong anti-nausea drug that knocked me out -- for hours! I slept the entire day -- and night - and woke up Sunday feeling a little better. Not much -- but a little better!

Sunday is when I realized something else had changed -- my tastebuds! Nothing seems to taste the same. Everything has a metal or plastic taste and isn't worth eating. The only thing I seem to like is toast and chicken noodle soup.

Nothing tastes good, and everything seems to smell bad! My poor husband opened the refrigerator door to have me yell "clean that thing out would ya?". Of course, the fridge was fine, it's my nose that's messed up!

My 2-year-old daughter repeatedly came up to my bed "are you all better now, Mommy?" Oh how I wished I could say yes, scoop her up and hug her. But I didn't have the energy to even pretend, "No honey," I said. "Mommy is still sick."

Then, she then kissed me on the cheek and said "I'm a doctor, now you're all better."

As bad as I felt for myself, and my daughter, my husband Tony really deserves credit. He took care of me, Nicole and the house -- and he never complained. He is an amazing man!

Monday I finally started feeling like a person again. Now, on Tuesday, I'm again back at work. The metal taste is still in my mouth, food isn't very appealing, but I feel like I can make it. At least until December 21st -- my second chemo!


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