Leslie's Diary: Tuesday, Jan. 23

SAN ANTONIO - It's a wonderful week! A week when most of the bad effects of chemo have worn off, and my energy starts to come back! A week when I'm finally feeling like my old self again! Well, almost like my old self.
The strangest thing has happened -- I've gone loopy! My balance is out of whack and it's driving me crazy. If I stand up too fast, I lose my balance big time, and sometimes when I just turn my head, it feels like it takes a moment for my brain to catch up. I hate it!
I went to my oncologist today to get a blood count check, and a proquid shot to increase my red cells. She is as amazed as I am at all I have gone through.
I'm a "case study." My loopiness apparently isn't a common side effect of chemo. My first reaction: "Oh, my gosh, I have a brain tumor now. More chemo. NOOOOOOO!"
Of course, she quickly put my paranoia to rest. It isn't a brain tumor, she assured me. After looking in my ears, which were a little red, and at my throat, which was also a little red, she said that I'm likely coming down with something, and that is causing this motion madness.
A few prescriptions later, I was out of there. I hope the pills will cure whatever is causing this craziness.
Work is going great. I'm enjoying the noon and 6 p.m. shift. It's great to have mornings with Nicole. She's fun when she wakes up.
She's a little crabby (like her mommy) sometimes, but once she has her orange juice, she's precious. I also love getting her dressed in the morning. Fixing her hair, picking out her clothes -- it's so much fun.
I notice so many little things now, like the way she turns her head just a touch while I'm fixing it. How she holds her hand up to stop me in the middle of brushing her teeth when it's time to spit. That happens about six times during one session. How her morning hugs begin with her arms stretched as wide as possible, then she falls into my arms, wraps hers around me and slowly says, "Mommy!"
Life is good! Thank you, God!


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