Leslie's Diary: Wednesday, Feb. 7

SAN ANTONIO - Raise your glasses and offer up a toast -- I'm done -- I'm done -- I'm officially done!
NO MORE CHEMO! YEE-HA! YIPPEE! YEAH! Can you tell that I'm just a little excited?
Tomorrow marks the one-week point since my last chemo. And while the effects are still lingering, I'm feeling a little better every day.
This last one wasn't too bad! The chemo session itself seemed almost endless. I guess it was because I knew that it was the last one. I just wanted it to be over!
There was another woman at the clinic having chemo. She told me that she had breast cancer, and 18 months later it came back in her liver. Not exactly news that I wanted to hear.
She also shared terrible stories of friends she knew who had no positive lymph nodes, and theirs came back all over their body. She also said that a doctor told her that one of the problems is that they're now just giving four rounds of chemo when we really should be getting six.
As a person celebrating the fact that I was on my fourth and final poison, that was certainly news that I didn't want to hear.
I politely said that I usually sleep through my chemo and turned my head and closed my eyes. I will not let this person or anyone else ruin what I consider a graduation -- a celebration -- an accomplishment!
My cancer will not return. I will not believe otherwise!
I slept the entire day Thursday and most of the day Friday. Saturday I felt OK, just a little queasy (no throwing up, though) and achy. Sunday it hit a little hard.
Suddenly a wave of nausea (unusual three days after chemo) hit, and I had very achy bones. I slept most of that day too and was back at work Monday.
Monday I felt weak, but by Tuesday I was feeling much better. It's as if I can feel the chemo work its way through my body, draining my energy and sucking up my cells. Now my body is fighting to rebuild what the chemo has destroyed. But alas, it is the last time and I am tough!
My special series of reports on my bout with breast cancer begins Wednesday on KSAT 12 News at 6 p.m.
I'm a little anxious about Friday night's newscast. I'm comfortable with my decision to anchor without my wig, but I would be lying if I said that there weren't any butterflies fluttering around in my belly.
My big bald head on TV for the world to see. Really, the world, not just San Antonio.
We are going to broadcast the news live at 6 p.m. Friday over the internet. So anyone with a computer who wants to see me anchor bald can! No pressure there!
Then, after the news, I'm going to do a live chat on the internet from 6:30 to 7. I'm anxious to get your feedback. GULP! BIGGER GULP!
Oh, well, that's all for now. This is your hairless, nutty, cancer-kicking friend saying, "See you on the news!"


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