Leslie's Diary: Wednesday, March 21

SAN ANTONIO - Two weeks from today I'll be done -- finished -- through -- see ya -- with radiation! I can't believe it's been three and half weeks already but it has! So far, so good.
I haven't had any burning, but my breast is getting a little pink. I met one woman who had pretty bad burns when hers was over. It looked painful! I'm lobbing on the lotion several times a day hoping to avoid that but only time will tell.
The whole radiation process really is easy compared to chemo. It's inconvenient -- every day -- 5 days a week for 5 and a half weeks! But it's quick and so far painless!
I'm in and out of there in about 15 minutes usually and most of that time is just setting things up. The actual radiation only takes about a minute and a half. Thirty seconds on one side of the breast and about 1 1/2 minutes on the other.
It's amazing how precise the whole thing is. I lay down on a mold specially made for me. It contours the upper part of my body so my position is the same each time. Then the radiation techs (who are wonderful) line me up with the red lasers and it's zap zap zap.
I'm documenting the whole radiation experience too and will have a two-part series on it when it's over and when I return from vacation! Yep, I'm taking a week and half off after radiation. My family is going to Atlanta to visit relatives and most of all to relax! I can't wait!
Oh yeah, by the way, my hair is finally starting to grow back! Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since my last chemo and it's just starting to grow! The eyelashes and eyebrows are growing back super fast. The top lashes still aren't long enough to wear on the air -- even with mascara -- so the fake lash limbo continues! I still haven't mastered that move.
The hair on my head started off as a bunch of blonde (white blonde) fuzz! Just like a baby's! Then I got all these bumps on my head -- hundreds of little bumps all around! I thought maybe my follicles were clogged and the hair would never grow back! Now, little dark sprouts are coming out and the bumps are gone.
It's weird, black and blond (yes blond, not gray) mixed together! I have what I call a five o'clock shadow on my head! I'm still not even a chia pet, though!
Life is going great! I sure love being alive! My schedule has changed again (temporarily). Ursula Pari, our 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. anchor, is on bed rest pending the birth of her first child (a boy!) So, I'm filling in for her until she gets back
Right now I'm working 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift. It would be great to sleep in but I have to get up every day and drive across town for radiation at 9:45. Not for much longer though.
Other than radiation, hair growth, a change in schedule and a scheduled vacation there's not a thing to report!!
Until next time, LOL!


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