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HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN: Many people feel that they gain extra weight over the holiday season with the large meals, holiday parties, and the stress that comes along with the holidays. The holiday season lasts from mid-November into early or mid-January and it is typically thought that during this time people will gain an average of five pounds. However, several studies over the years have found that on average people do not gain five pounds during the holidays but rather only one pound. One of these studies by the New England Journal of Medicine also found that weight gain did not increase during the pre-holiday period (late September to early October) or during the post-holiday period (mid-January to early March); weight gain only seems to increase during the holidays. The reason it may seem as though a person gains more than a single pound during the holidays is because the weight typically stays on and continues to be built upon. (Source:


HOLIDAYHEALTH TIPS: If you want to try to keep the weight off this holiday season here are some more tips to stay healthy during the holidays without sacrificing all of the food:


  1. Never go to a Party Hungry – If you’re starving when you get to a holiday party you may end up overeating and letting the hunger take over.
  2. Avoid Sauces – Popular holiday sauces such as gravy, sauces made from cream, and salad dressings will add a lot of extra calories. Try oil and vinegar for salads.
  3. Use a Smaller Plate and Eat Slowly – You’re less likely to pile on more food than you need if the plate cannot hold it all and eating slowly will help you avoid overeating and will allow you to enjoy the food you do eat.
  4. Eat Less and Socialize More – If you focus on talking with friends and family during holiday parties and dinners then food won’t be the focal point of the celebration and you can resist eating to pass the time.(Source:

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