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Adrenaline rush! Are extreme sports extremely dangerous?


WHAT IS ADRENALINE?: Adrenaline or epinephrine is a stress hormone produced within the adrenal gland that quickens the heart beat, strengthens the force of the heart's contraction, and opens up the bronchioles in the lungs, among other effects. The secretion of adrenaline is part of the human 'fight or flight' response to fear, panic, or perceived threat. (SOURCE:

FIGHT OR FLIGHT: The "fight or flight" response occurs when a person is subject to a threat. This causes a signaling process to occur, which causes the body to react to the potential danger. The purpose of the body releasing adrenaline is to provide energy so that the major muscles of the body can respond to the perceived threat. (SOURCE:

WHAT EFFECT DOES ADRENALINE HAVE ON THE BODY?: The overall effect of adrenaline is to prepare the body for the "fight or flight" response. Key actions of adrenaline include: boosting the heart rate, increasing blood pressure, expanding the air passages of the lungs, enlarging the pupil in the eye, redistributing blood to the muscles, and altering the body’s metabolism, to maximize blood glucose levels (primarily for the brain). (SOURCE:

THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW: Overproduction of adrenaline is rare. Too much adrenaline can be caused by a variety of things, including a rare tumor of the adrenal medulla (a phaeochromocytoma).  Symptoms may include rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, anxiety, weight loss, excessive sweating and palpitations. Also, suffering from too little adrenaline is very unusual.  When the body produces too little adrenaline, it cannot respond to stressful or physically demanding situations properly. (SOURCE:


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