KSAT Ball Hog Blog: Wild world of sports with Ozzie, Petrino, Romo


SAN ANTONIO - It's been another wild, busy week in the world of sports. Who knew anything happened after football season? Anyways, for all five of my fans, (thanks Chloe my dog), let's rundown the top stories of the week because you know, it's not like any of this stuff has been all over TV.

Ozzie goes off: Anytime you can really piss-off an entire state, city, culture, race and fan base you're gonna get the top spot on my list.

Ozzie got away with this stuff all the time in Chicago, but publicly stating support for Fidel Castro in Miami of all places is...lets see if I can find the words here....moronic, idiotic, stupid and absolutely insane.

Ozzie apologized and I believe it was heartfelt, but he was lucky to keep his job. By the way, this is his first week on the job! 


Petrino axed at Arky: Now to someone who should of lost his job and ultimately did, Bobby Petrino.

This was still a shock to me. You're telling me an athletic director cares more about morals and honesty than winning football games? This has to be the bizarro college football world and not the SEC.

By all accounts, Petrino is not a nice guy, but he won a lot. Maybe this is karma for his condescending, belittling ways or for running out on the Falcons.

Either way, this is the definition of a bad week. He gets seriously hurt in motorcycle wreck, lies to his bosses about it, gets busted with his mistress, in big trouble at home and now loses his job. Karma Bobby P...KARMA.

Big Tuna Parcells says no to NO: Not really a major story, but I was just thinking of the possibility of Sean Payton coaching Arkansas and Bobby Petrino coaching the Saints. Why not? Both need something to do this fall. 

Lakers maul SA: Should Spurs fans be worried they just got smoked by the Kobe-less Lakers? Yup.

I hate to be overreaction guy, but there are two teams in the West the Spurs do not want to face in the playoffs, Memphis and LA because of their big men. It just so happens they play both this week.

But I come to you with hope Spurs fans. The Big 3 were Charles Barkley turr-i-bull Wednesday and the Lakers were hitting on all cylinders. You know you're in trouble when Metta drops 26 on you and Bynum grabs 30 rebounds!

But it still comes down to TP, Manu and Tim. If they play like that against the Grizz or in the playoffs for that matter, Spurs got no shot. Now that's some in-depth analysis! 

Odom, Mavs part ways: All season I read about Lamar's lack of effort and his un-willingness to play hard for the Mavs, but turns out, he had some fight in him after all.

Mr. Kardashian and Mark Cuban reportedly had a heated exchange before Lamar got the boot from Big D. He's now considered one of the biggest busts in Dallas sports history and that's saying something. This better not affect the Khloe and Lamar show. Haven't you done enough damage Lam Lam?

Golf goofiness: A guy named Bubba wins the Masters after a once in a lifetime shot and Tiger throws a tantrum and kicks a club. Did golf just get exciting?

I almost feel bad for El Tigre. Have we ever seen another dominant athlete fall from grace like this? Does Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby in "Talladega Nights" count"? Time to start praying to Baby Jesus because whatever Tiger is doing is not working.

Baseball's opening week: You know what I like about baseball's opening week? It means football is closer to starting. Moving on.

Romo becomes a dad: Congrats to the Cowboys QB and his wife Candice on their baby boy now let the jokes fly.

How about...hopefully he didn't fumble his son the first time he held him or doesn't his contract state he has to name his first born "Jerry World-Romo?"

I think Romo is a good quarterback so no more hate here, but too bad lil' Hawkins can't play in the secondary where Dallas needs help.

By the way, how did Candice Crawford give birth before Jessica Simpson? Feels like Romo's ex has been pregnant for three years. I guess Romo gets the best of her again. When does football season start again?



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