KSAT Ball Hog Blog: Wishful moves that will get Spurs fifth title

I know most Spurs fans are still trying to comprehend what just happened, a 20-game win streak shredded apart in the span of a week, so I'll make this quick.

The Spurs simply lost to a better team. It was apparent as the series went on the Thunder were just bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic than SA.

Spurs fans will surely put some of the Game 6 blame on the refs and I can already hear Skip Bayless' excruciating rants about the officials, but there's no excuse for a championship quality squad choking away an 18-point lead in a must win game.

The question now is what can the Spurs do to make one final championship push. Allow me to channel my inner general manager.

The Spurs melted down in the second half of Game 6 in part because not one player could withstand Oklahoma City's push. Tim Duncan used to be that guy. I thought Tony Parker would take on that role, but he disappeared in the third quarter, the most important quarter of the season.

Win that quarter and you're back home for Game 7. TP played well, but was not able to control the chaos in the second half like a real superstar should. It's the opposite of what Durant did for the Thunder in Game 4. KD carried OKC on his skinny shoulders in a game that swung this series. It's still a star driven league so the Spurs have to go out and get one no matter the cost.

There's two guys I would target and they both happen to play in Florida, Dwight Howard and Dwayne Wade. Hear me out before you throw your computer/laptop/tablet through the window at how ridiculous this notion is.

D-12 is still 50/50 on whether he stays in O-Town. The Magic want him to sign an extension and I doubt will go through the same circus they did last season if he doesn't. The Spurs should package Parker and Leonard to basically rent Howard for a season. Howard wants to be in Brooklyn, but I don't see it happening until he's a free agent. 

The idea of renting a guy for a season while losing TP and a talented guy like Kawhi seems crazy, but Howard, when healthy is a game changer. He would allow Duncan to basically rest all season until the playoffs and get the team back to what won them championships, defense.

There's also no shortage of veteran point guards on the market to take over for Parker. Hinrich, Aaron Brooks, Jameer Nelson, Ray Felton and Chauncey Billups are all available. I'll take my chances with Felton, Green, Jack, Manu, Diaw, Dwight and Duncan.

Scenario number two is based on how Miami ends it's season. If they win the title, then no way D-Wade is on the block, but things get dicey if they don't.

For the sake of this argument, let's say they bomb against Beantown. I say package TP, Kawhi, a future first rounder and maybe even Splitter for Flash, then sign Carl Landry and Andre Miller in free agency to sure up the rest of the starting five.

Miami may realize the Lebron/Wade/Bosh project does not work and ship one guy out of town and it will not be LBJ. James likes to play with guys like Leonard and Parker, and that whole "your team or my team, who will take the last shot" act in South Beach will be done.

So what are the chances of any this happening? Probably slim to none and if it does, Spurs fans should jump through the AT&T Center roof.

But something drastic needs to be done if they want that fifth ring. It may mortgage the future but I doubt Timmy and Manu are here after two years anyway.

This is absolutely an overreaction, but this series proved it's more about stars than being a great team. Now you can throw your computer out the window.


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