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Dina Lopez updates her weight loss journey


SAN ANTONIO - I have been participating in this challenge for about four weeks.


I have had some challenges, and some successes. Being a mom, I tend to put everything ahead of me; I have come to realize that if I don't change that, I will never be able to get healthy. I recently started a new job, and I have to make time for my exercise and also make time for dinner. I am trying to stay as active as possible with the kids, since my family and I decided we would work on this challenge together. It has been a struggle, but we are slowly finding out what works for us.

We recently downloaded the app for Gold's gym, and it has a section where you can look up how much you would have to work out to burn the food you are eating. My kids really are enjoying using this, because they are able to make better choices. The other day, my son wanted a piece of chocolate cake. When he looked it up, he found he would either have to do 39 minutes of house cleaning or 34 minutes of yoga to burn off those calories. He reconsidered, and took some Emerald cocoa roast almonds - the 100 calorie pack. He stated this was just like eating a chocolate covered almond. I was very impressed with my son on being able to make a good, healthy choice. I think the kids are starting to understand that this will be our new way of life, not just something mom is doing for a little while.

I have begun to see the effects of working out. I am proud to say that I bought new pants for my new job, and they were two sizes smaller!! My daughter and I were in the fitting room laughing, and we were both so excited! I can also work out longer and be more active with the kids. With their dance game, I am able to dance more than once song now. I love it!!!

Thanks for all the support. Without it, I don't think I could be as successful!!


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