Judge adds jail time to DWI sentence

Julie Bronson to serve 180 days in jail, 10 years probation

SAN ANTONIO - A woman who ran over a North side mother and her two daughters three years ago learned her sentence Tuesday.


A jury convicted Julie Bronson of the intoxication assault and sentenced her to 10 years of probation this past May.

Judge Melissa Skinner used her option to add onto Bronson's sentence and tacked on six months of jail time to her sentence

Traci Lopez, one of Bronson's victims, lashed out at Bronson during her sentencing.

"You sat there and you cried and you acted like you were remorseful," Traci Lopez said to Bronson. "Not one time did you apologize."

Lopez used her victim impact statement to remind Bronson of the damage she caused when she got behind the wheel of her convertible Mercedes after drinking six glasses of wine and taking the sleep aid Ambien on April 23, 2009.

Lopez's 18-month-old daughter, Ava, sustained the most serious injuries when Bronson's car jumped a curb and crashed into Lopez and her two daughters while doing yard work in their front yard.

"I have spent three years watching my daughter try to get back what you took from her," Lopez said. "She continues every day to struggle for that. You have torn my family apart."

While a jury only gave Bronson 10 years of probation, Skinner decided to add on a 180-day jail sentence.

Even so, the sentence was still well below what Lopez and her family felt Bronson deserved. She believes the light sentence sends the wrong message.

"I think that she should have gone to prison for a longer period of time," Lopez said. "It sort of makes it OK. It sort of gives children, especially, the idea that you can do these things and you can get away with them and things will be OK."

In addition to the jail time, Skinner ordered Bronson to continue her alcohol treatment, including attending AA meetings two times a week. Bronson's drivers license will be suspended for two years and ignition interlocking devices added to all of her vehicles.

Bronson must also attend the DWI Victim Impact Panel and complete 600 hours of community service.

Bronson's sentence begins immediately.

Lopez wrapped up her impact statement telling Bronson she hopes she never forgets the pain she has caused.

"I hope that this is something you will never forget," Lopez said. "I hope that anytime you think of taking a drink, or any time you think of doing something like that, you think of Ava and her face is in your head every day."


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