KSAT Ball Hog Blog: Why Joe Paterno's statue should stay

If Joe Paterno were alive today, he'd likely be facing serious legal issues, maybe jail time.

If Joe Paterno were alive today, he'd see first hand his legacy in shambles.

If Joe Paterno were alive today, he'd see the damning effects of his selfish actions on the university he claimed to love and care for so much.

Unfortunately, Joe Paterno is not alive today to see the ruins he left behind and it doesn't sit well with many who want to see justice done to one of the key figures behind what I believe to be the worst sports scandal in history.

Unlike Paterno, the other figure heads involved in the Penn State child sexual assault scandal will get their just due. Jerry Sandusky will rot in jail for his heinous crimes against young boys. Three other head administrators may join him soon for the alleged cover up.

But what about the legendary JoePa? There's been much debate since the release of the Freeh Report that tearing down Paterno's statue in front of Beaver Stadium represents some form of justice.

Maybe it does to some, but I believe it should stand to serve as a daily reminder of the corruption at State College and Paterno's overwhelming power that plagued the Penn State football program.

Moving the statue means moving passed Paterno's transgressions and moving passed the scandal itself. Out of sight, out of mind right? I would hope Penn State doesn't let that happen.

The statue no longer stands for a man of integrity, but a man who turned his back on abused children for the betterment of the football team. This needs to be out in the open so all PSU alums, students, fans, faculty and every college or university in this country can remind themselves to never allow a travesty like this to happen again.

Joe Paterno is gone. A statue means nothing, but moving it puts the focus back on the coach when it should be all about the victims.

The statue was placed there to honor an icon, a saintly figure, the man who built Penn State into a perennial football power. The same impact it has while standing should be the reason it stays, however, for a different reason.

To show how the Nittany Lion king ultimately ended up being nothing more than a cowardly lion at heart. That's justice enough for me. Keep the statue where it is.


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