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John Courage Statement

Following is a statement from John Courage, Democratic nominee for State Senate District 25 concerning the victory of Donna Campbell over State Sen. Jeff Wentworth:

"The wrong person won.

In tonight's Republican Primary Runoff the wrong person won. Although I have had differing opinions with Senator Jeff Wentworth over the years, including his guns on campus proposal, his partisan Redistricting bills, and his stand on transportation issues, just to name a few. I have always respected the fact that because of his years of experience and service to the district, he has acted in what he has perceived to be the interests of his constituents. Wentworth has listened, and demonstrated respect for contrary opinions in his district, and that is commendable.

On the other hand, so far Donna Campbell tonight's apparent winner, has only demonstrated how she can play to the extreme fears of the ultra conservative Tea Party Republicans. She is the Tea Party flavor of the month as was Sharron Angle in Nevada, Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. Donna Campbell is wrong for the Republican Party, and wrong for our district.

We shouldn't be fooled by her anti establishment, 'small town gal against the good old boys' facade. She has demonstrated that she is the same kind of political predator that many seasoned politicians become. By jumping from one campaign to another, she exemplifies the candidate looking for an election she can win. She has already broken a major campaign promise, that she would not take money from any Austin Lobbying groups. But one of the biggest players in Austin, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, which gave huge amounts to her earlier rival Elizabeth Ames Jones, has just given over a quarter of a million dollars since the May primary, to Campbell's campaign. So much for fighting the establishment and being an independent voice.

However politics aside, I look forward to discussing and debating the real issues that Texans are concerned about, the economy, jobs, education, healthcare, water and energy among others. I invite MS. Campbell to participate in a series of debates in cities, town and communities across the 25th Senate District.

I have been to Austin to advocate for education, and campaign finance reform, and for redistricting reform. I have attended and testified at House and Senate Committee meetings. I understand how government should work, and importantly, how government in Texas does work. I want to work in a collaborative, cooperative, bi-partisan atmosphere with all other elected legislators. I will go to Austin with an open mind to do what is best for all the citizens of Senate District 25, and for all Texans.

The Tea Party Republicans in Austin thus far have been closed minded, have sold their votes by making pledges before they even hear the facts involved, and have demonstrated intolerance for ideas not in accord with their own. The Texas Senate does not need another Tea Party ideologue, that's just wrong. The Senate needs more vision, not division and common sense solutions to our problems.

That's why I am seeking this office, and that's what I plan to take to the Senate."


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