Kendall County comm­issioners race deadlocked

Roll of the dice may be used to break the tie

BOERNE, Texas - Despite a record turn-out in Tuesday’s run-off in Kendall County, Charlie Boyd IV and Mike Fincke, candidates for the Precinct 1 county commissioners seat, had the same number of votes.

“623 to 623. Amazing. Absolutely amazing,” said Toni Ann Dashiell, Kendall County GOP chairman.

Boyd said he was shocked when he heard from Kendall County elections officials.

“It was just like, 'Really? You’re messing with me, right? You’re teasing,'” Boyd said.

Fincke said he and his wife left on a vacation they’d already planned before the run-off, because he thought the race would be over by now.

“I’d much rather have won it outright, but it is what it is,” Fincke said.

He said he’ll still be out of town next Tuesday when the Kendall County ballot board reviews an outstanding provisional ballot and five military ballots that may decide the outcome, if they voted in the precinct one race.

However, if there is no change, Dashiell said state law then mandates an automatic recount, and even leaving it to chance if the tie remains unbroken.  

She said if necessary, that will occur Aug. 13 at the Kendall County Courthouse.

Dashiell said at first, she considered a coin toss until she woke up one night thinking, “Who do I ask to call it?”

The GOP chairman said that’s when she decided on the roll of the dice, one for each candidate, the highest number deciding the winner.

But what if they roll the same number?

“I thought of that,” Dashiell said. “If they do, then we’re going to roll again.”

She said they’ll do it as many times as needed to finally break the tie.

Boyd said he would much rather rely on an actual ballot to decide the hard-fought race, instead of dice.

“I wouldn’t want to win that way and I sure don’t want to lose that way,” Boyd said.

Fincke said he feels the same way.

“It’s sad it has to end that way, but that’s just how the election process goes,” Fincke said.

Both said the predicament proves every vote does count.

“This is a prime example of every vote would have counted had they come vote,” Fincke said.

Boyd said one voter even apologized.

“He got busy at work and didn’t make it and felt really bad he could have been the deciding vote,” Boyd said.

Dashiell, who has taught campaigning across Texas and even Nigeria and Bosnia, said, “I now will be able to attest that there is no question, every vote does count.”


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