Blog, Day 2: San Anto­nio-area woman describes events of Republican National Convention

Gale visits with Sen. John Cornyn and Senate Candidate Ted Cruz during Texas Delegation events


TAMPA, Fla. - Day 2, August 27 - On the ground in Tampa. It feels like day 3. It has been an exhausting day but a God-filled day. I am so blessed to be in His plan.


The Republican Party of Texas started its day with a 9 a.m scheduled business meeting; I arrived about 30 minutes later. I missed a speech by Senator John Cornyn, but spent some time with him and his wife, Sandy, at the end of our daily business meeting. US Rep. Louie Gohmert, (R) TX-1, gave us a stirring message about our country's direction. He, Senate candidate Ted Cruz and Sen. Cornyn spent a great deal of time shaking hands and talking with the Texas delegation after the meeting.

After lunch, we were treated to a viewing of the movie "2016 Obama's America." This was my second time to see the movie; again, I felt the urge to work even harder to urge others to get to know the person depicted in the movie. It is based on Barack Obama's book, "Dreams From My Father." "2016" has grossed about $6.5 million and is at No. 7 at the box office. The movie asks the question, "does the main character in the movie hold an anti-colonialist world view and and why should YOU care?" I was on the edge of my seat both times that I watched "2016." Regardless of your party, it will not hurt to see this documentary and listen to the words from the main character's book. I think much of it is in his own words. This is not a hate movie by any stretch of the imagination. It is a documentary traveling back to Kenya to the actual grave site of the main character's father's grave. We hear from the main character's brother (half-brother) and get a broader picture of our leader.

We capped the night with a welcome party downtown in the bay, hosted by AT&T. We had a spectacular view of the convention center. Security is very tight here. Coast Guard boats with huge guns poised for defense were highly visible on the boats. I have yet to see or hear ONE protestor. The welcome party was missing nothing in terms of food, drink, ambiance and great fellowship. Many of our elected officials were there, as the Texas and Colorado delegations mingled for hours. Very refreshing - but exhausting time - all wrapped up in one package.

Guess what? I am about to miss the first part of our morning meeting again, but I wanted to take time to let you guys know what a fun, yet stirring time I am having in Tampa.

Today, we leave our resort at 11:30 a.m. in our buses, with a police escort to the convention center, to show the world how we CAN do better.

(Lighter side and perhaps a hot flashes since I have been here!)


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