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Blog Day 3: San Anto­nio-area member of the Texas Delegation recaps Ann Romney, Quico Canseco speeches at Republican National Convention

Gale : 'The moment had arrived!'


TAMPA, Fla. - Tuesday, August 28 -- It was a great day.


I was late again for the daily business meeting, but it was a God thing.

My ride on the golf cart from my room to the lobby put me on a direct path with Governor Rick Perry, who was headed to his car.

I jumped out, hugged on him and encouraged him in God. He soaked it up and posed for a picture with me. No one else in the Texas delegation was around as he sprinted to his car. He addresses our delegation later this week. He also walked on the convention floor with us on Tuesday night.

I arrived in time to hear Tagg Romney speaking about his life as a young Romney man. He talked about the ways his father has shaped his life. A particularly compelling story detailed the loss of a boat anchor. Mitt made him return to the ocean to retrieve it. They did. That taught Tagg much about life. He pointed out the fact that his dad has always been very frugal; they did not engage in waste then as children, and they don't engage in waste now as adults.

We had one mad dash from the bus as we thought we had left my daughter's phone in the resort. Policeman held the bus for a few minutes (while gently yelling to us to hurry). En route to the convention, security was tight; all intersections are stopped to make way for our buses. A police car with flashing lights escorts our buses daily as they travel from the resort to the highway. Police vehicles block every intersection as our buses drive by, ensuring an easy flow to the highway. We also have a policeman on the bus at the door who rides with us.

We arrived at the convention center Tuesday, filled with exuberance. The moment had arrived!! Time to do the business of the RNC and most importantly, the business of the people. Our goal and purpose is to do our part to make America strong again and to provide hope and change for our grandchildren.

Yes, WE CAN!! WE must.

We went through the security checks and all was well. What an honor to serve.

The night went quickly. Our very own congressman and my dear friend US Rep. Francisco 'Quico' Canseco spoke eloquently early in the evening. We had a night of many speeches reminding us of the last four years.

Former Congressman Artur Davis of Alabama was one of my personal favorites for the night, but not because he is black - I don't play that game. He seconded the nomination of the current president in 2008 at a different convention. Today, Davis returned to remind us that "Hope" and "Change" have not been as expected or promised. Some of his quotes: "Let's come down to earth and start creating jobs," and "Do you recognize this America?" Artur believes that now, too many often ask, "What can government give you?" I believe that we need to strive to be givers rather than takers.

Mitt Romney is now our nominee for the Republican Party!

In her speech to the convention, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina encouraged, "Lesson learned in 2008, mistake corrected in 2012." She reminded us of the lack of support for Boeing, and the lawsuit by the National Relations Board. They won! I found one account of Gov. Haley's speech online. Here's what happened when the first Boeing 787 manufactured in South Carolina was rolled out.

The thrill of the night was Ann Romney. My heart draws closer to hers. She showed us the Ann and Mitt Romney who struggled like many of us, worked hard, saved and achieved success. This should be the American dream and a source of pride. She pointed out that, instead, some want America to feel disgust at Mitt's success. I saw a real person who struggled with MS and breast cancer. She still has health struggles and is a committed parent and wife. I look forward to hearing more from her. I know I will be saddened as others try to tear her down, as we think we must do with all candidates. There will be no perfect candidate, in any party. The sooner we grasp that, the sooner we will do better and move forward with restoring our country.

I have to run. The Texas Delegation is having pictures taken at 3:30 p.m. and buses arrive at 5 p.m. to transport us to the convention center for Day 3 of the convention.

I see Hope and Change on the horizon.

Yes, we can!


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