DWTS All-Stars semi­finals: Couples go 'Bad' during routine


NOTE: This week's DWTS recap was written by ABC.com staff. Go to the Dancing with the Stars page for more information on the show.

We’re down to the Final Five as another double elimination looms for the teams. Also looming are two routines for the night. The first is an odd mix of themes that have been picked for each team by one of their competitors. The second, more traditional dance will be done to a classic tune by Michael Jackson.

Melissa & Tony: The team suffered a setback during rehearsals when Tony hurt his back. He was cleared to dance the Caveman Hustle with Melissa showing some moves that surely weren’t around during the Stone Age. Len says it was the hustle with no hassle. Bruno thought Melissa lost some of her footing, but he loved the routine. Carrie Ann liked the caveman portion more than the hustle part, but the loved the entertainment value. Scores of 9, 9.5 and 9 gives them a 27.5 for this first dance.

For their second routine of the night, Melissa and Tony do the Argentine Tango to Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.”  Tony’s back holds out just fine in this stellar second dance. Len would be shocked and disappointed of Melissa doesn’t make the finals. Bruno says Melissa was possessed during an extraordinary sequence of lifts. She deserves to be in the finals. Carrie Ann thought the dance was sensuous, passionate and the lifts were out of this world. Scores of 10, 10 and10 gives them a 30 for this dance and a grand total 57.5.

Shawn & Derek: This team was tasked with doing a Knight Rider Bhangra routine (whatever that means). Well, it apparently means getting loud cheers from the crowd. Bruno is on his feet wanting a hug from Shawn for her amazing Bhangra-style dance. Carrie Ann says that Shawn is finally out of breath after an outstanding dance. Len thought it was a fantastic dance, too. Three 10s gives them the first perfecto of the night.

Shawn and Derek do the Argentine Tango to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” for their second dance. Bruno liked the pure Argentine hooks of the dance. He wonders if there’s anything Shawn can’t do. Carrie Ann thought that Shawn lacked some passion and drama in the beautiful dance. Len says Shawn learned the routine well and she came out and sold it. Scores of 9, 10 and 10 gives them a 29 for this dance and a grand total of 59 for the night.

Apolo & Karina: This team gives a big time, Big Top Jazz performance for their fun routine. Carrie Ann loved the concept, but thought they were out of sync a lot and the dismounts were sloppy in a disjointed dance. Len says Apolo is a fighter. Bruno doesn’t think it was disjointed, but it was a nice blend of jazz even though there was once noticeable slip by Apolo. Scores of 8.5, 9 and 9.5 gives them total of 27 for this first routine.

Apolo and Karina do the rumba to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” Carrie Ann says Apolo reached into her heart and melted it. Len says there was wave after wave of emotion. Bruno says the dance was perfectly pitched and there was a great flow of movement. Scores of 10, 10 and 10 gives them a perfect 30 for this dance and a grand total of 57 for the night.

Emmitt & Cheryl: Emmitt is a “Secret Agent Man” for his Espionage Lindy Hop routine with Cheryl. These double agents double the fun with a double somersault ending. Len liked the concept, energy and fun. He would have like a little more Lindy, but still thought it was fantastic. Bruno said the dance had so much fun in it. Carrie Ann agrees this was Emmitt’s most animated performance ever. Trip 9s gives them a total of 27 for this first routine.

Emmitt and Cheryl tango to Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone” for their second routine of the night. Len says Emmitt coped well with two dances that don’t fit his style. Bruno feels the footwork could have been a bit more exact. Carrie Ann says that Emmitt brought his A-game to both routines but, again, this dance doesn’t fit his smooth style. Scores of 9, 9 and 9 gives them a total of 27 for this dance and a grand total of 54 for the night.

Kelly & Valentin: It’s Surfer Flamenco time for this team which means they’ll be stripped down to bathing suits by the time it’s all done. Bruno thinks Kelly has been upstaged by Val’s Speedos. He didn’t like the erratic placement of the arms in the flamenco. Carrie Ann agrees that this was all paso doble, but not really flamenco. Len thought the dance had verve, attack and energy. He felt they went all in for this fantastic dance. Scores of 8, 9 and 8.5 gives them a total of 25.5 for this first routine.

Kelly and Valentin do a sexy rumba to Michael Jackson’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” Bruno says it was a smoldering dance and these two had great chemistry throughout. Carrie Ann thought the dance was a beautiful interpretation of the song. Len thought it was a controlled, fantastic dance. Scores of 9.5, 9.5 and 9.5 gives them a total of 28.5 for this dance and a grand total of 54 for the night.


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