Local opinions vary on sequ­estration

No clear majority opinion on the subject


SAN ANTONIO - It's a question on the minds of many Americans lately: What is sequestration, and how will it affect us?

People on the San Antonio River Walk on Friday shared their opinions on the issue.

"It's just difficult to know. I don't think we are getting a really clear story here," said Enrique Guerrero.

There were those who think the mandatory cuts are going to be awful.

"A lot of public jobs are going to be lost. The economy is going to take a massive hit," said Brett Bugni, of Detroit, Mich.

Others weren't so worried.

"I think its the most expensive political theater in the world, " said Bob Grant, of Jacksonville, Fla.

Some sided with the GOP and wanted to see even deeper cuts.

"We're borrowing money and then we have to pay interest on it, right?" asked Evelyn Farr, of Chicago, Ill.

Others sided with President Obama.

"Congress (is to blame). They can't come to an agreement. They're too busy standing by their ideologies, and they just wont come to an agreement," said Bungi.

And there were those in the middle.

"I voted for (President Obama) twice and stuff, but he doesn't seem like he wants to compromise either. Boehner is no better in the House." said Bill Baum of Detroit, Mich.

Perhaps the most insightful thoughts on the whole mess and who -- if anyone -- is to blame came from someone right here in San Antonio.

"I think we're all to blame. Part of it is us. We get to vote for these folks and we need to hold them accountable," said Guerrero.

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