New gun technology turns average people into snipers

Aust­in-based Tracking Point designed, developed $25,000 gun

AUSTIN, Texas - New technology developed in the Lone Star State could revolutionize the gun industry, according to its owners.

Tracking Point, a relatively new firm based in Austin, has developed a computer-assisted scope that helps even the most novice shooters hit targets over a half-mile away.

“Simply put, there is nothing like this on the market today,” said August Crocker, marketing director for the company.

The scope uses tracking technology similar to that found in drones and fighter jets used by the military.

Shooters look through the scope and "tag" their desired targeted, clicking a button just above the trigger.

A red dot appears, and stays in place even when the target is moving, although only up to 10 mph.

The user then pulls the trigger all the way back and holds it there. The cross-hairs inside the scope turn red, and the user must then align the cross-hairs over the dot.

When the shooter does so, the gun automatically fires.

“The scope takes everything into account that might affect the flight of the bullet,” said Crocker.

Those include temperature, humidity, and even how the earth’s rotation in space might come into play, known as the Coriolis Effect.

This, in essence, takes the guesswork out of distance shooting.

The gun is remarkably easy to use, but placed in the wrong hands, the technology could be deadly.

The company acknowledges the risk, but says with every new technology comes new threats.

Tracking Point vets every person it sells its weapons to, and its guns are password-protected, so only those with the code can operate the scope.

The weapon is also cost-prohibitive, with costs than range up to nearly $30,000.

“But business has been good so far,” said Crocker. “We’ve already sold a significant amount and expect to sell hundreds before the end of the year.”

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