'The Bach­elorette Blog': Ulterior motives exposed during Episode 6

Cont­roversy dominates the group's time in Barcelona


SAN ANTONIO - Barcelona was the backdrop for Episode 6 of "The Bachelorette." The tension was intense among the remaining eight men as they waited to expose James.


The general consensus among the group was that he was on the show for personal gain.

It all stemmed from a controversial conversation overheard by Drew and Kasey. They claimed they heard James say if he made it to the top four, he had a chance of being named the next "Bachelor." This sparked a whirlwind of frustration among the men.

I was so excited Drew got the first one on one date with Desiree. They started their date with a kiss and lots of romantic sparks. Their chemistry was undeniable as the pair walked through the streets of Barcelona.

My heart melted when he shared his story. He told Desiree that his father was his hero for overcoming an alcohol addiction. He also has cancer. It was clear Desiree was deeply moved by his story.

The romance and passion continued during their dinner. After steamy make out session, he was given the rose.

Their date ended on a sober note when Drew revealed the bombshell about James. In a strange turn, while Desiree was hurt by the news, she didn't seem too surprised.

Soccer balls went flying during the group date. Desiree surprised the men with a soccer match between the men and a professional women's soccer team from Spain.

The men talked a big talk going into the match but they were hung out to dry with a final score of 10 to 2. It was clear goalie James was one of the main reasons for the men losing.

During the second part of their date everything was overshadowed by the drama surrounding James. Kasey confronted James and he blamed a lot of the conversation on Mikey.

Desiree knew she had to speak with James, so she did not hand out a rose and the other men were sent back to the hotel.

As expected, during their conversation James tried to talk his way out of her doubts. Unable to make a decision, Desiree sent James back to the house.

This "Bachelorette" junkie was left saying, "What is she thinking?!" I wish the cameras had been rolling during James conversation with Mikey. I am definitely on the side of the other men on this one.

The mood dramatically shifted during the second one on one date. Zak W. was able to take Desiree's mind off of James and helped her laugh during an art class. He especially made her laugh when he became part of the art.

Sparks continued to fly during the second part of their date. Desiree seemed to melt into Zak's light hearted personality. He walked away with the rose and a big piece of Desiree's heart. All I can say is the other men better watch out.

Meanwhile at the hotel, the drama with James continued. He confronted Drew about the situation. I found myself getting more and more upset as James tried to justify the things that he said. It is beyond clear that he is not there for the right reasons. Not once did he say he cared about Desiree and their possible future together.

Des pulled James aside once again. My jaw dropped when his smooth talking conversation was able to temporarily sway Desiree's decision. The men were equally surprised to see him come back in the hotel.

Once again there was no cocktail party before the rose ceremony. The men were on edge as they awaited Desiree's decision. Chris, Brooks and Michael G. received roses. James, Kasey and Juan Pablo were sent home.

I felt like I could finally breathe a sigh of relief as James walked out the door. I foresee lots of drama as Desire and the remaining five men head to an island off the coast of Portugal. Tune in Monday at 7 p.m. for the next episode on KSAT 12.


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