'The Bach­elorette Blog': Looking for love on the islands

Desiree Finds Romance in the Clouds and on the Sea during Episode 7


Desiree and the remaining five men take their quest for love to Madeira, an island off the coast of Africa, during Episode 7 of "The Bachelorette."


Their boat docks on the shores of the hidden community and the group is eager to see what adventures await them on their dates.

As everyone gets settled in, three familiar faces greet Desiree. Catherine, Lesley and Jackie arrive to spend a day by the pool and get the scoop of the guys. I couldn't help but think how awkward this must have been.

You may recall, these women were on the last season of "The Bachelor" with Desiree. She was sent home in tears after her hometown date went terribly wrong. Catherine walked away with the final rose and Sean's heart.

Meanwhile back in Madeira, the three women questioned Desiree about the remaining men and she confessed she is falling in love. I couldn't help but cringe as Catherine brought up Sean and the fact that their relationship has been a whirlwind.

Brooks got the first one on one date and the pair took a romantic drive up a mountain and into the clouds, literally. The natural connection was evident and they definitely appeared to be a good match.

The romance continued into the night as they enjoyed a rooftop dinner overlooking the city. Desiree began to confirm to Brooks that she is falling in love. But oddly he admitted his feelings were developing at a slower pace. In spite of those revelations, I predict Brooks will be one of the last two men standing.

The other men looked on with envy as Desiree and Chris got onto a yacht and took off to a private island. I think she is drawn to Chris' thoughtfulness. When they arrived to the island, I couldn't help but swoon as he offered to write a poem and send it away with a wish as a message in the bottle.

Their conversation flowed effortlessly during dinner. Chris surprised Desiree with a poem in which he admitted that he loved her. She melted in his arms. The other men better watch out.

Michael G. got the third one on one date. It was clear there was something missing. Desiree didn't seem to have the same level of excitement as she did with Brooks and Chris. I couldn't help but think to myself, snooze fest.

Despite the emotional conversation during their dinner, it was clear Michael G.'s feelings were not reciprocated. Their date was sweet but boring.

The competition was on during the two on one date. Drew and Zak W. sped off in their go karts down the speedway hoping to race into Desiree's heart. Zak W. won the race and got alone time with her first. Initially, his humor and spontaneity is what drew Desiree to him, but now it is clear there is something deeper.

Drew is definitely the surprise of the season. He seemed to come out of no where and swept Desiree away with his boyish charm. During their alone time, Drew opened up about his family and what it would mean if she came to meet them.

I was shocked when Drew got the rose and my heart kind of dropped for Zak W. 

The pressure was on during the rose ceremony. The men waited on edge as Desiree handed out the remaining three roses. In the end, Michael G. was sent home. 

This "Bachelorette" junkie cannot wait for next week's hometown dates. If the preview is any indication, you can be sure nothing is as it seems.

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