'Bac­helorette' Blog: Love confirmed, love denied in Part 1 of season finale

Emotions run high during the dramatic Part 1 of the Season Finale


Season 9 of "The Bachelorette" is winding down and Desiree and the remaining three guys took off to the exotic island of Antigua for three romantic dates.

Drew got the first date on the Caribbean island. The couple spent the day walking through the streets of the town. As the pair strolled hand in hand, they had the chance to visit with some of the locals. Rain forced the couple to find shelter early and they were off for a romantic night in the "fantasy suite."

I have always been a fan Drew. He seems willing to start a life with Desiree and has said he is ready to propose at the end. Aside from his boyish charm and good looks, he is the only guy remaining who doesn't seem boring. It is clear the couple shares a strong physical connection, but there may be something missing.

Chris and Desiree took to the skies during their date as the pair took a helicopter ride to a private island. He put all his feelings on the line and poured out his heart again to Desiree. After a day of rolling around in the sand and discussions about the future, the couple enjoyed the fantasy suite.

I have mixed feelings about Chris. He seems solid, focused, and caring but I just don't find him very exciting. I am not sure if he could provide the spontaneity Desiree needs.

Then there's Brooks. Desiree has made no secret he is a frontrunner among the men. She has already admitted to being in love with him and Brooks has made it clear he is in a battle over his emotions. Over the past few episodes he voiced his concerns about the future of their relationship.

When Brooks arrived in Antingua he sat down with host Chris Harrison to share his doubts. He revealed that Desiree was not the love of his life and he could not move forward with her. He admitted he wished things were different and battled with how he was going to tell Desiree. It was clear he dreaded the conversation that was about to happen.

This "Bachelorette" junkie was shocked and torn over the decision. I couldn't help but ask why he waited so long to tell her how he felt. How could he let it get so far?

My heart broke for Desiree as she anxiously waited for her date with Brooks. She was beaming with excitement in anticipation of the day ahead. But that all changed the moment she saw him. Instantly she knew something was wrong.

As they sat down to talk, he admitted he was not madly in love with her and said he would be leaving. She broke down and there was no one to console her. She told him she loved him and kept asking "Why now?"

I was left asking the same thing. What was he thinking? I couldn't help but wonder if he was ready for a committed relationship.

This was by far the most heart wrenching episode of the season. I firmly believe he would have been the last man standing if he had stayed.

I am at a loss as to what the finale holds. So many questions remain. Will Desiree find a forever love?

Be sure to watch the dramatic conclusion Monday night at 7 p.m. on KSAT 12.


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