KSAT Ball Hog Blog: Why Johnny Manziel is likely to beat NCAA


Johnny Manziel makes a living on the football field by escaping the defense when he has to make a play, and despite the uproar surrounding him this week, I get the feeling he will most likely escape this latest round of trouble as well.

We all know about the allegations by now. Johnny Football is accused of taking large sums of cash for two autograph sessions.

ESPN reported there were anonymous sources out there, even a picture of him at one of the sessions, but so far no paper trail. And that's the key issue here.

I'm a firm believer of the premise, where there's smoke there's fire, but with no concrete evidence, Texas A&M and Manziel should stare down the NCAA and not back down.

Auburn proved a few years ago with the Cam Newton case that if you stand behind your guy and play it out, your chances to beat the NCAA are not bad.

The burden of proof falls squarely on the NCAA. A great movie quote that comes to mind is Denzel Washington's line from "Training Day." "It's not what you know, it's what you can prove."

This will be a tough one to prove and with no smoking gun, the case could fizzle out quick.

The ESPN report stated the NCAA has reportedly been looking into Manziel for a few months and appeared to be getting nowhere. There's no first hand account of any payment made and while the NCAA can check Manziel's accounts, it's common knowledge his family is wealthy and any large deposits would not raise a red flag.

The Manziel family and Texas A&M have also hired attorneys to fight this tooth and nail. It's an uphill battle for the NCAA that will most likely drag out for some time

Manziel has made few friends since winning the Heisman. It's been one troubling incident after the other.

The underage drinking, the bizarre Twitter rant about a parking ticket, the UT frat party stuff, leaving the Manning camp early. I mean seriously, who messes with the Mannings? Have you seen their rap video? These guys are awesome.

Back to Johnny Football and the Aggies. Many of us are wondering what Kevin Sumlin does next?  I don't think there is much he can do at this point.

Suspending Manziel or benching him appears to be an admission of guilt, and Sumlin continues to say it's business as usual at camp.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the team going forward, but A&M's title hopes take a significant hit without Johnny Football under center.

Love or hate him, my guess is Manziel will be there for the season opener and more important, the mega SEC matchup versus Alabama in College Station on Sept. 14.

And we will all be watching and waiting for the next round of Manziel allegations.

He's managed to escape them up to this point. I don't see this case ending any different.


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