Made in San Antonio: Twang Partners blazed trail in beer salt market

San Antonio’s Twang Partners known around the world for beer salt; Roger Trevino Sr. founded company in his garage in 1986

Licking the competition is nothing new for at least one San Antonio company.

Twang Partners, Ltd., has been at the top of the beer salt market for more than two and a half decades.

Founded in 1986, the company continues to produce Twang, its trademark add-on for adult beverages from a building located on the city’s Southwest Side.

Putting the salty-sweet product, which original came in three flavors, on the tops of beer bottles was the brainchild of the company’s founder, Roger Trevino Sr.

“I found a very similar product to what we do today when I was in Mexico City. And that was in the late '70s,” he said.

Trevino, who once had been a probation and parole officer in Bexar County, was working south of the border at the time.

He brought the idea back to San Antonio and got to work, developing and packaging it for sales, at first in his garage.

Through friendships new and old, he was able to begin mass-producing his product, which he originally marketed to Latinos.

Now, Twang Partners handles the entire production — from mixing and packaging to product development — under one roof on WT Montgomery Drive.

And the company has moved beyond just beer salt.

It also makes flavored sugar that can be used for drinks and in a number of other ways.

“I can put Twang on an apple, watermelon, a vegetable,” Trevino said.

Business, he said, really took off in the late 1980s, when Anheuser Busch came knocking and used Twang in one of its promotions.

“It's kind of like a movie, you know? All of a sudden, we were somebody,” Trevino said.

Back in the early days, his team consisted of his family — his wife and four children.

His daughter’s picture even appeared on some of the first packaging.

Today, all of his children continue to work there, but alongside dozens of staff members.

Trevino said he strives to make everyone feel like family.

"Family has always been important. I've never ever viewed people as an employee only," he said. "You have to be sensitive to needs. You have to make people feel comfortable at what they're doing."

Trevino, meanwhile, also makes it a point to never to get too comfortable at the top of his industry.

He said ensuring high quality remains a top priority.

"We strive to make whoever wants to come second, if there's anybody out there, then they've got to strive to what we do,” he said.

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