Blog: San Antonio- woman attends Republican National Convention as member of the Texas Delegation

Gale Sayers braves Tropical Storm Isaac to attend Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida


TAMPA, Fla. - Days of shopping for the right bottoms to coordinate with our Texas delegation's matching tops finally came to an end with my decision to fly towards Tropical Storm Isaac, which had the potential of developing into a powerful hurricane.

Sunday morning, I asked myself why would I take my 17-year-old on a plane towards possible danger.

My clear inner response was: my country is on the brink and I must answer the call.

She wanted to be there, and felt confident that the weather was not an issue for her.

After much prayer, I decided that if Southwest Airlines would fly, I would go. My heart and prayers do go out to those hurt in the tropical storm recently and continued prayer for Isaac's path

My 17-year-old never had a doubt about attending her second national convention.

In 2008, I served as a delegate; this year, I serve as an alternate delegate. When someone is on the floor, he/she is serving as a delegate and wear the delegate badge. When serving as alternates, he/she wear the alternate badge and sits in elevated seating; they are not allowed on the floor.  It is an honor to represent the state of Texas for such a time as this. 

We had an amazing flight, buoyed by the fact that the pilot over-prepared us for potential "bumps." My daughter strongly discouraged my desired applause. We arrived in Tampa Bay to a welcoming crew of smiling, exuberant ladies and a live, singing band on the ground. It was an extremely exhilarating moment! The welcoming crew gave us added joy as they gushed over our arrival.

Banners declaring the 2012 Republican National Convention were displayed throughout the airport as far as the eyes could see. Seeing the banners made me want to do a little public happy dance. I felt so very happy and blessed.

America, the land of opportunity and promise, can rebound and we can do better. This convention is a time of gathering to be serious about the future and to know that we can, indeed, do better.

The Republican party is not only for the rich and light-skinned; that's a cruel myth. It's for me, too, and everyone who truly loves our country is invited to join in the restoration of our precious country.

Upon our arrival to the sprawling resort, we joined the Texas delegation's daily meeting, already in progress. Our Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson was sharing in his usual entertaining manner. His talks almost always remind us of the right "to keep and bear arms." Jerry has been so gracious to continually let other workers in the party represent Texas. This was his first year to seek selection as a delegate to the convention and thus, this is his first convention. Delegates had been selected by their peers at the state convention in June.

After the delegation meeting, we were given our credentials through Thursday. Credentials cannot be replaced. If stolen and used, they can be tracked to the initial owner by the powers that be. Two by two, we filed into the room and left clutching our precious tags. We also received donated shirts and hats for the planned festive week ahead. 

Much later that night, as I was chilling in the lobby, I met Brad Bailey, co-founder of "The Texas Immigration Solution," who was instrumental in getting the national party to change its platform in committee to reflect a new, temporary foreign worker program. Fawn Johnson of the National Journal wrote an article on August 21, 2012, explaining Brad's position. I found his views to be new and interesting. I look forward to studying his plan as the week unfolds. This should be an interesting, possible debate for the delegates on the convention floor, before a final vote.

Unlike the process of revising the Texas state platform, at the national level, lobbying for changes is conducted behind the scenes to the individual members of the committee; it does not come in the form of floor speeches to the entire committee. The National platform committee meetings were televised on C-Span last week. The platform seeks to show the heart and soul of our party. On Monday morning, Ted Cruz, Republican Party nominee for the US Senate seat spoke to the Texas delegation during our daily business meeting. (Editor's Note: Due to the delay of the Republican National Convention, Ted Cruz's remarks to the full convention have been rescheduled for Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. EDT)

It's 1:54 a.m., the rain has been pouring for hours and calls me to slumber.. my eyes's time.. Goodnight..



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