Blog Day 5: Final Day at the Republican National Convention

Gale: "Hope and Change on the horizon."


TAMPA, Fla. - Day 5: Last day of the convention.


What a glorious time I have had, and such a feeling of Hope and Change on the horizon.

Yes, we can help to restore America brick by brick…person by person. Less talk and more work.

Thursday morning, I attended my first full business meeting of the Texas delegation. A full, hot breakfast was served - is that why I was on time (smile)?? 

No, our honored guest was our very own Governor of Texas, Rick Perry.

Ashley and I went through the very colorful buffet line and placed our plates down at the table of my nightly floor buddy, Russell. Shortly after I sat down, I had to return to the buffet line. As I re-entered the room, I saw another friend motioning us to sit with her. I apologized to this table and moved to the front table at the other end of the room. This was a God-thing.

St. Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, District 7, was seated on the side against the wall, with two members of the media. Cameramen also were in the room. I noticed at the convention that an appearance by Gov. Perry to the convention floor always caused all cameras to turn and point to him. It was easy to know when he came on the floor - just follow the mob and cameras. We are blessed to have such a warm, personable and knowledgeable Governor in Texas.

At this breakfast, we heard from our illustrious chairman, Steve Munisteri, a generous man with a gentle heart and a listening ear. To my surprise, Gov. Perry entered the room through the door closest to me and smiled broadly, waving madly at me with both hands. I went over to him and asked him to sign my hat. He did and posed for a picture of my hat on his head.

Gov. Perry gave us a rousing speech reminding us of the seriousness and importance of this election for our country’s future. He received many standing ovations! He was followed by St. Sen. Dan Patrick from Houston. Dan shared his vision using an imaginary chart on the wall behind him. He was entertaining and sober, all wrapped up in one package. He reminded us of the need to pass school choice this legislative session in Austin.

Later that day, we headed to the Fitness Center with a friend. As we were checking out a new treadmill, I heard the words, “Hey Girls!” To our amusement, Gov. Perry was grinning at us under his baseball cap as he worked out on a stationery bike, under the watchful eye of his aide nearby. His aide was sitting on a piece of exercise equipment directly across from Gov. Perry. The Governor had his headphones in both ears and several newspapers on the handlebars of the bike as he worked out. He looked relaxed and drenched in sweat; we were tickled. I asked for a picture and he said he could in 23 minutes. He motioned to me later that it was time. We took our sweaty pictures, enjoyed some chit chat about the grueling presidential race and his now healed back. I love our Governor!! My daughter and my friend, Leslie Recline, a Dallas-area member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) said our goodbyes to him after he ordered a club sandwich. We finished our workout after the Governor left, and we enjoyed a swim and lunch poolside.

Picture time at 3:45-yikes!! We made a mad dash to our room to change and get ready for pictures with the Texas Federation of Republican Women and pictures with the Bexar County delegation. We made it!

Time to board the buses for Mitt’s crowning moment!!

Such excitement and JOY in the air.

I spent the entire night on the floor as a delegate. Only delegates are allowed on the floor. The air is festive and loud! LOVING it all. What a country! We can choose our leaders and then support them.

I am so blessed to be a part of this process.

Speeches to the convention can be found online. Preceding Mitt’s speech was Clint Eastwood. While I can relate to the empty chair or empty suit, I did NOT appreciate his vulgar comment. That was an immediate turnoff for me, so I cannot comment on his speech as he lost me quite a bit from that point.

The Man of the Hour was Mitt Romney. We all listened to Mitt’s speech giving him many standing ovations.

I am ready to move with the next president of the United States of America, Mitt Romney. I urge you to give him a listen and be open-minded. These are desperate and serious times and we need all hands on deck to save America.

I am not being dramatic. It is serious!! We must! I owe it to my grandchildren to get a better America. Less spending and more personal responsibility is needed! I want to see a culture of life and not death from womb to the grave.

May we all get this soon and protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

God bless America - land that I love!!!


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