'Dancing With The Stars-All Stars' Week 1: Fabric, Sequence, Beads, Oh My!

Published On: Sep 25 2012 01:43:51 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 25 2012 02:29:00 PM CDT
Dancing With the Stars: All Stars

The all-star performance of "Dancing With The Stars" has finally come alive.
After months of waiting, previous stars have graced their way back into the ballroom with a vengeance.
I must say I was eagerly excited about this season, and by the end of the show I was not disappointed.
The season kicked off with an explosion of energy. It was a complete all-around rollercoaster that left me giddily cheering in my seat like a school boy with his first bike. In regards to the performances: some were amazing; some were mediocre, while some just faltered.
My personal favorite routines were: Sabrina's full out Cha-Cha, Melissa's sultry broadway-themed Foxtrot, Shawn's cute-as-a-button Foxtrot, Apolo's very techno-themed Cha-Cha, and of course Mr. Emmitt Smith with his adorable charm and amazing rhythmic Cha-Cha. It was so awesome, I literally kept trying to dance in my chair. I was having so much fun.
Speaking of dancing, have you ever wanted to be a part of the Dancing With The Stars world?

The scores for last night's show are as follows:

Fan bases will pretty much save: Shawn, Emmitt, Helio, Apolo, Gilles and Kelly. Sabrina lacks a bit of fan base but turned in an incredible performance, which pretty much seals next week for her. The rest of the contestants I think are all pretty much fair game as far as the elimination goes. Joey and Drew are band boys who have fans but put in a mediocre performance. Bristol showed a different side of her, which could induce more people to vote for her despite her unpopularity. Melissa was slightly underscored, I felt, but she received a standing ovation which could save her due to her fan base isn't what it was four years ago. Kirstie and Pamela have fans but their performances were absolutely dreadful, which puts them practically right next to the boulevard of broken dreams.

Come next week it will be time for everyone to really step up their game. I could sense some of the tension between some of the celebrities but Monday night was almost like a free pass to GO for some of them. I found a few of the celebrities didn't really seem to try as hard as others because they knew their fan bases would save them. Come Week Two with the next set of dances, I doubt the judges will be as lenient to some of the celebs as they were tonight. So, unless an original frontrunner doesn't want to feel the burn of the red light, it's time to step it up and prove that they deserve to be here in this competition.

If you missed the performance last night or you just want to see a slight recap because it was so awesome, click here.
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SLIDESHOW: Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars season premiere

Published On: Sep 25 2012 11:47:39 AM CDT   Updated On: Sep 25 2012 11:48:04 AM CDT
All-star cast returns to Dancing With the Stars ballroom

From former champions to fan favorites, including a celebrity voted in by fans, the All-Star cast along with their professional partners returned to the ballroom on the season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars."

Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars Cast
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DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL-STARS - "Episode 1501" - From former champions to fan favorites, including a celebrity voted in by fans, the All-Star cast along with their professional partners returned to the ballroom on the season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars," MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. All 13 couples hit the stage performing either the Cha Cha or the Foxtrot to impress the judges and viewers at home. CHERYL BURKE, EMMITT SMITH, KIRSTIE ALLEY, MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY, KELLY MONACO, VALENTIN CHMERKOVSKIY, PETA MURGATROYD, GILLES MARINI, BRISTOL PALIN, ANNA TREBUNSKAYA, DREW LACHEY, KARINA SMIRNOFF, APOLO ANTON OHNO, MELISSA RYCROFT, TONY DOVOLANI, PAMELA ANDERSON, TRISTAN MACMANUS, CHELSIE HIGHTOWER, SABRINA BRYAN, LOUIS VAN AMSTEL, SHAWN JOHNSON, DEREK HOUGH, KYM JOHNSON, JOEY FATONE