COUPLE: Gilles & Peta
DANCES: Argentine Tango & Samba

I had to watch this twice. The first time, I couldn’t stop watching it and type! Then, when I watched it the second time, I realized there was not one thing wrong with this – from the dancing to the near removal of Gilles’s shirt.

Len said it was seamless. He gave it a well done. Bruno said it was sultry and intense, then exciting and erotic. Carrie Ann said Gilles still has arm issues. The audience booed. She thought the dance was fantastic.

SCORE: 28.5

It’s time for the swing dance marathon (or “swingathon” as I called it). But first, the show squeezed in a couple of time fillers – one from the DWTS Troupe, another showing the couples learning how it works. I’m just going to keep track of who is over the course of these four minutes.

  • 10 points – Melissa & Tony
  • 9 points – Kelly & Val
  • 8 points – Shawn & Mark
  • 7 points – Emmitt & Cheryl
  • 6 points – Apolo & Karina
  • 5 points – Gilles & Peta
  • 4 points – Kirstie & Maks

No elimination show Tuesday on account of ABC’s election coverage. Next week, the top seven couples will learn more dances and two of them will be eliminated.