SCORE: 39.5 (Len gave it a 9.5 – everyone else gave it a 10)

COUPLE: Melissa & Tony

DANCE: Jitterbug

Oh my lifts! After Melissa’s great dance last week, I’m expecting near perfection and crazy stunts without a mishap this week. I swear Melissa has springs in her shoes and no fear. She seemed to jump and flip over Tony like it’s no big deal. Tony almost dropped her on one trick, but he held on. And I’m exhausted. I wish this had been the last dance. I’m suddenly super tired!

Paula said these two fit together like hand to glove. She said the footwork was impeccable. She said the choreography was fantastic. She caught the little slip up. Bruno called Melissa a swinger. He said she was fearless and fierce. He said she didn’t miss a beat – except on one dismount. Carrie Ann said Melissa makes everything look effortless. She also said Tony’s choreography is exceptional. She caught the mishaps on the lifts. Len said Melissa is a class dancer. He said she’s clean and correct. He said it was more of a glitterbug. He also brought up the faux pas.


COUPLE: Shawn & Derek

DANCE: Mambo

These two have set the bar ridiculously high for lifts – no gymnastics pun intended! And crazy tricks start this one off! There is just as much dancing in hold as there is lifts. I don’t know what to say about this. One of the last tricks: Derek nearly flipped all the way over Shawn, she bent down to the floor and he picked her up. I mean, it doesn’t get better than that!

Bruno said Shawn was sexy, mesmerizing and out of this world. Carrie Ann said if she was the other contestants, she’d be scared of these two. She said they finish every line in absolute synchronization. Len said he liked it. He really liked it. He said the speed and all the athletic movement and still kept rhythm and timing. Paula touched Bruno while giving her critique. She said Shawn has turned into a sexy lady. She said Derek’s choreography and drum playing should get him on a ballot. She said it was her favorite dance.

SCORE: 39.5 (Len gave it a 9.5 – everyone else gave it a 10)

COUPLE: Apolo & Karina

DANCE: Hip Hop

This is not Karina’s favorite style of dance. She’s never studied or danced it. She was full of expletives in rehearsal. Hip hop attitude? Karina wasn’t her best – even in her booty shorts. Apolo wasgood. Karina fell. They struggled a little to recover. It looked like Apolo stumbled a little, too. He tossed his microphone. This was a little like a Fly Girl performance rehearsal. Karina cried when it was over. I wanted to cry, too. Poor Apolo. Karina was upset over her performance.

Carrie Ann asked Karina if she was OK. She said she wasn’t hurt. She begged the judges not to count her missteps against Apolo. Carrie Ann said everyone is outside their comfort zone tonight. She said the judges applaud them all for that. She said she loved Apolo’s modern edge to the 90s moves. Len said Apolo was smoking. He said he wasn’t even looking at Karina. Paula said everyone loves Karina. He said the style was natural to Apolo. Bruno said Apolo rocked it. He said Apolo even made the running man look good.

SCORE: 34.5

COUPLE: Kelly & Val

DANCE: Contemporary

Val was not happy with this dance choice. He’s never done it. He said Cheryl knew that when she told Emmitt to pick that style for these two. Kelly broke her toe Monday. Is something happening with these two? Fellas, if you didn’t see the show but you’re reading this, you should watch this online. Kelly’s wearing sparkly underwear. Ladies who missed the show, Val is shirtless. There was emotion in this dance, but these two were out of sync a few times. Perhaps their big, fat kiss at the end made up for that?

Len said of every couple in this season, these two are the biggest revelation to him. Paula said it was a beautiful routine. She said Kelly should be proud of herself. Bruno said Kelly’s dance was the hardest. He said Kelly did it beautifully. Carrie Ann said being in touch with raw emotion makes this a stunning dance. She said some moves were beyond Kelly’s ability, but it took courage.

SCORE: 37.5

Tuesday, there’s no recap special (so this recap will have to do). Donnie Osmond will perform with Susan Boyle. WHAT?!?!? Next week, there will be two nights of competition – no one will go home. The couples will dance to a guilty pleasure song and a team freestyle dance. Can’t wait!