Len liked Emmitt’s cool cat attitude. He said Emmitt needs wide elbows, a flat back, a sway in the shoulders. He liked the overall feel of the dance. Bruno said Emmitt has red hot chemistry with Cheryl. He said Emmitt lost timing a little. Carrie Ann said Helio and Apolo did a little better. She wants Emmitt to bring it.

SCORE: 22.5

COUPLE: Drew & Anna

Drew asked Anna to hit him. And she did. Many times in rehearsals. Then, she did it in the dance. This was a rockin’ jive! Sometimes, it looked a little like Anna was working more than Drew. It was good – but not my favorite jive.

Bruno said Drew got flat-footed and lost the correct foot placement. Carrie Ann said, “Welcome home, Drew.” She said he needs to watch the footwork. Len said Drew needed to get on the ball of his feet. He said Drew would not be in the bottom two this week.

SCORE: 22.5

COUPLE: Joey & Kym
DANCE: Quick Step

I swear it looked like Joey was holding his breath through so much of this dance! I know it’s impossible at the speed he and Kym were running around the dance floor. This was light and fun – light on content but still fun to watch.

Carrie Ann said Joey nailed the performance, but had a few mistakes. Len said Joey had poor posture, bad body contact, frame was off – but he liked it. He said Joey entertained them. Bruno said it was fun, big and bold. He said it could have been better.

SCORE: 22.5

COUPLE: Shawn & Derek

Shawn wanted to put a little gymnastics in her dance. She and Derek started the dance by doing a cartwheel down the stairs. This was fun and bouncy. I STILL WANT MORE KICKS!

Tom pointed out Shawn wasn’t breathing hard, Derek was panting. Len said there was just enough technique. He wanted more than enough. Bruno said it was vibrant, exhilarating, eye popping. He said you couldn’t find fault from those two under the microscope. Carrie Ann said they were the all star sweethearts.


COUPLE: Kelly & Val
DANCE: Quick Step

During rehearsal, Val told Kelly she had too much bounce happening up top. So, she got a bra and filled it with water balloons for Val to rehearse in. Oh, I love these two together! This might have been the sweetest quick step of the night. In fact, I think I may have a new love for this dance (it’s almost always been my least favorite dance). I was a little worried about Kelly running up the stairs – that bounce Val was talking about was clearly visible.

Bruno said Kelly sometimes loses her frame (he referenced her chest). He said she messed up on a few steps. Carrie Ann said Kelly also needs to watch her lines when she’s out of hold. She said Kelly needs to dance bigger. Len said he preferred the part that was out of hold. He said in hold, Kelly gets “hunchy crunchy.”


COUPLE: Gilles & Peta

Gilles pulled his hamstring. A doctor said Gilles needs to rest for a week or two. He’s going through therapy. I don’t know if I’ll keep watching if Gilles has to sit out! It looks like Peta has figured out the strategy – no shirt for Gilles. He’s dancing like he’s not hurt. His kicks are flying. He’s not flinching like he’s in pain. Oh, I almost forgot to mention Peta’s fringe pants. Those have grown on me. It’s like wearing a Muppet. Only cute on the dance floor, though.

Carrie Ann said Gilles’s kicks and flicks were the best of the night. Len said the jive was fast and dynamic. Bruno said Gilles has the kicks (I think that’s what he said) and the cleavage (I definitely heard that). He said, “Let the good times roll!”

SCORE: 25.5

Tuesday, Kathryn Jenkins returns to sing with Placido Domingo. A Macy’s Stars of Dance performance will be part of the show. AAAANNNDDDD one couple will go home (looking at you, Kelly – I think Bristol and Kirstie are in this for another week).

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