Carrie Ann said Kirstie was the queen of sexy. She said it was a passionate rumba. She said Kirstie got lost in the dance. Len said it was clean, clear and sassy. He wanted more hip action and quality of movement. He stood up and shook his hips. He liked it, but not that much. Bruno said it was the expression of gorgeousness of a real woman. He said it was classy and elegant. He said Kirstie’s solo was spot on.

SCORE: 27.5 (Kirstie’s highest score)

COUPLE: Apolo & Karina

DANCE: Viennese Waltz

Apolo said he and Karina had a fight before they danced last week. She said she had wanted more emotion from Apolo. She told him he’d have to show more emotion this week. Apolo started his dance with a solo, dancing around Karina. When the camera wasn’t on Apolo, this dance was lovely. When you could see his face, he seemed to have no expression. It was strange. I didn’t notice his facing changing until the end – he smiled when it was over.

Len said the dance was light, had great musicality and showed two people in harmony with each other. Bruno said Apolo is a leading man. He said Apolo was excellent. He said his involvement with Karina was the best he’s seen. Carrie Ann said it was poetry in motion. She said it was Apolo’s breakthrough number. Clearly the view from the judge’s table is better than what I saw from my sofa.


COUPLE: Cheryl & Emmitt
DANCE: Fox Trot

Emmitt seemed a little confused and giggly by the solo he’s going to have to do. Now, I can’t wait to see it! They seemed to be in near perfect step together. Emmitt’s solo was all kinds of giddyup hip action fun (yes, I realize that doesn’t make sense in writing, but if you watch it, you’ll understand).

Bruno said he loves Emmitt because his attitude is great – then he jumped up and did part of Emmitt’s solo. He thought it was a country fun fair. Carrie Ann said the beginning was a little off. She said Emmitt redeemed himself on the solo. Len said the dance lacked finesse here and there, but it was entertaining.

SCORE: 26.5

The big finale of the night: the group dance! Big and Rich performed “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.” The ladies all danced on the stairs. Oh, poor Kirstie seemed a little lost. The guys met up with them on the dance floor. This seemed like a whole lot of fun – then they brought the super fun! Cowboy Troy performed for the solos, which were full of lifts that made me forget some of these stars are hurt!

Len said it was fun. He said it was full of tricks and treats. He liked Kirstie smacking Maks’s bottom. Bruno said they delivered. He said Kirstie rides again. He said Apolo’s lift was good. He also liked Melissa’s lasso move (he called it a lazoo). Carrie Ann loved seeing the whole group performing. She liked the solos from Kelly & Val, Gilles & Peta & Sabrina & Louis.

The judges gave Kirstie & Maks two extra points for their solos.

Tuesday, Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift will perform. And one couple will go home (looking at you, Kelly & Val).