Carrie Ann loved the theme, costumes – but thought it was sloppy. Len said there were no incidents. He thought it had attitude but lacked finesse. Bruno said it was like watching “The Valley of The Dolls.” He said it could have been more refined.



COUPLE: Kelly & Val
DANCE: Viennese Waltz

Most of this dance was spins, but once they started to move across the stage, they were dreamy. I think Kelly’s feet came off the floor (unless Carrie Ann didn’t see it – then it didn’t happen).

Len said he enjoyed the flow of it, but it was sharp on occasion. The audience booed. Len said, “I have my standards, (Carrie Ann) has none.” Bruno said it had wonderful drive and she never lost the beat. He said Kelly was giving all of her soul. Carrie Ann said Kelly always pushes herself to the edge and beyond. She said Kelly’s emotional commitment was beautiful. She said it was “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” Not sure I spelled that right.


TRIO: Kelly, Val & Louis

Oh! This has so much potential! I think Kelly delivered! I don’t know that she needed to kiss both of these guys, but this was my kind of jive! It was super kicky – and it ended with Kelly kissing Len. That should get her a good score!

Len liked the end. He said it was fun, fast, flamboyant and fabulous. Bruno said he loved the sequence when she was leading with the boys behind her. Carrie Ann said the transitions were fantastic. She thought Kelly could have pointed her toe just a little more.

SCORE: 28.5

COUPLE: Gilles & Peta
DANCE: Quick Step

This guy makes dancing look easy. From the waist down, it was like a marathon. From the waist up, it was like he was just going about the dance floor – no biggie. Incredible!

Bruno said Gilles took off like an F-18, then crammed so many steps in such a short amount of time – “Top Gun.” Carrie Ann said there were a few slips of his feet. She said it was so close. Len said it was thunder and lightning. He said Gilles had energy, speed and control.

SCORE: 29.5 (Len gave them a 10)

TRIO: Gilles, Peta & Chelsie

DANCE: Salsa

Oh. My. Honey Boo Boo. That’s what I think of the ladies in their costumes. At first glance, it doesn’t look sexy. Then, they danced. Gilles practically had a solo for much of this dance. When he danced with both of the girls, it was like magic. I can’t believe he didn’t trip up on their long hair and skirts.

Bruno said Gilles handled it very well. He said Gilles lost timing a couple of times. Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno. She said Gilles just took control over the dance floor. Len said he didn’t see what Bruno and Carrie Ann said. He said Gilles wasn’t hiding behind the girls. He said it was full on and well done.

SCORE: 29 (Len gave it a 10)

COUPLE: Emmitt & Cheryl
DANCE: Viennese Waltz

Oh, this was lovely! Emmitt might have gotten his groove back!

Carrie Ann said it was smooth and effective, but Emmitt slipped a little bit. Len started mumbling. Carrie Ann wanted Emmitt to push himself. Len said Emmitt puts the “oo” in smooth. He wanted a little more fluidity in Emmitt’s arms and he noticed a slip. Bruno said it was classy with a slight stumble, but it was nice.


TRIO: Emmitt, Cheryl & Kym
DANCE: Salsa