Jaleel & Kym – Viennese waltz

No pressure, but the other two waltzes were pretty good, Jaleel. The smoke is back! If this waltz had been the first one of the evening, I would have thought it was good. Instead, I’ll say it was clean. Nothing special.

Len said he liked the dance enough not to be cruel, but not enough to be really kind. He said there was no footwork or heel leads. He said the dance didn’t quite work for him. Bruno said the dance had a lot of content. He said sometimes Jaleel throws his arms. Carrie Ann said Jalee’s dance feels bigger and broader. She liked the storytelling. She wanted him to watch his hands. Jaleel looks cranky.


Jackie Evancho performed another song.

Now, on to the team dances! Team Tango is first. It’s made of Maria & Derek, Roshon & Chelsie, Katherine & Mark and Jaleel & Kym. In rehearsal, Mark said, “I’m going to lose my rag.” I’m not sure, but I think that means get angry. Why didn’t he just say that? Maria & Derek had the first solo. Really sharp. Jaleel & Kym were next. I was about to say it was nothing special (again), but he had a good spin on Kym. Katherine & Mark were next. Their kicks were good. They did a lot of turns. Roshon & Chelsie were last. That girl can kick! Sad that I’m not noticing Roshon here. The ending – where they all came together and the girls threw out the guys was pretty cool. How those guys had the energy for pushups when it was all over is beyond me.

Len said Maria and Roshon were the standout couples. He thought Jaleel was loose. He thought Katherine was wild. He said they were good as a group. Technically, he thought it was bad. Bruno liked the choreography at the beginning and the end. He thought Roshon killed it. He thought Katherine had the Argentinean influence. Carrie Ann bowed to them. She said they were all tight and in sync. She said Roshon brought it home.


Team Paso was made up of Donald & Peta, Melissa & Maks and William & Cheryl. Cheryl wisely pointed out everyone wants the guys to dance without shirts. William doesn’t want to take his shirt off. I’m more amused by that then the dancing. And I’ve just started to see them dance together! BREAKING NEWS: no shirts on the fellas! Melissa & Maks were first. Melissa seemed rushed. William & Cheryl were next. Very strong. Donald & Peta were last. He was in control the whole time. AND the big finish: no jackets! They lost a little bit of timing at the end, but this was really good (and ab-tastic)!

Bruno said it had “more muscle power than The Avengers!” He said the boys dominated the dance. He said they did lose a little bit of sync. Carrie Ann said it was fun. She said it had passion and intensity. She said it would be the fan favorite paso doble. Len said the three men undressed to impress. He said it was hot in the performance and cool in the execution.


Tuesday, Gavin DeGraw returns to sing. Also, the final dance duel will take place (looking at you, Jaleel & Melissa). Then, one week from Tuesday, TWO couples will be sent home.