Now, it’s time for the first trio round. Each couple gets to choose an eliminated pro or member of the DWTS Troupe.

Donald, Peta & Karina – Jive

I absolutely love watching Donald rehearse. It looks like a good time! If you’re having a bad day, please watch this part of the show online. It was incredibly fast and fun! Donald totally handled dancing with two professionals. And he finished it by leaping over them! YAY!

Len said it was “fun, fun, fun.” He liked it. Bruno said it’s hard to keep in sync in a threesome, but Donald handled it beautifully. Carrie Ann cheered. She said Donald never missed a step. She said, “I loved your three way.” OK. This is getting uncomfortable. It’s also making me sound like less of a creep for wanting to put Roshon and Chelsie in a box. I hope.

SCORE: 28 (Carrie Ann gave them a 10)


Maria, Derek & Henry – Samba

They had a little ab-off in rehearsals. Um, all rockin’. Derek is bringing Bollywood themes into this dance. I’m scared. I don’t know how much samba was in this, but it was so lively and hippy! It made me happy!

Bruno said creatively, the dance was incredible because Maria was constantly the center of attention. He said Maria lost timing a couple of times. Carrie Ann said it was incredible as a number. She said there were a few slip ups with Maria. She called it a “feast for my Asian senses.” Len said if he was judging a Bollywood dance, he’d give it a ten. But he said for a samba, it was false advertising.

SCORE: 25 (Len gave it a 7 – ouch)


Melissa, Maks & Val – Samba

Oh. Em. Gee. Watching Val teach Melissa how to do the moves made me giggle. I watched that a few times. This samba had more content than Maria’s. She seemed more comfortable dancing with Val. I think this is the best Melissa has looked all season. PS – The Brothers Chmerkovskiy were mostly shirtless.
Carrie Ann liked it. She said Melissa is a good “cream filling.” She said it was Melissa’s best dance. Len said it was Melissa’s best dance. Bruno said it “obviously takes two to get the best out of you.”

SCORE: 27 (Melissa’s highest score of the season)

Katherine, Mark & Tristan – Cha Cha Cha

It’s like the United Nations! There are so many accents happening here, I can’t keep up! They’re all in suits. Oh, not anymore. Katherine’s was mostly ripped off. She had a piece of her pants stuck on her foot. She managed to kick it off like she planned it. She also managed to handcuff the guys at the end. So cute!

Len said the dance was clean, clear and clever. Bruno said it was sexy and cool. He loved it. Carrie Ann said Katherine’s last performance lacked fire, but she came out like she owned the dance. She gave her a snap for handling that wardrobe mishap.

SCORE: 29 (Len gave it a 9)


Roshon, Chelsie & Sasha – Paso Doble

Sasha is teaching Roshon to be a little manlier and less boyish. Roshon was really good when he danced with Chelsie. It seemed a bit strange when he danced with Sasha. Maybe it would have been better if he danced with a second girl?

Bruno said Roshon’s strength and artistry was good. He said Roshon lost sync with Sasha a few times. Carrie Ann said it was a good routine, but she said Roshon went off a few times. Len said it was like two skinny flies chasing the ketchup. He said Roshon had beautiful lines and a tight buttocks. OK. Stop.



William, Cheryl & Tony – Paso Doble