Len said Katherine had wonderful musicality. He liked the detail of the dance. He said he wanted Katherine to lift her rib cage a little more while in hold. Bruno said it was exquisite. He said Katherine’s quality of movement was surreal. Carrie Ann said it was like watching two pros together.

SCORE: 26 (that’s the highest score ever given on week one!)

COUPLE: Gladys & Tristan

DANCE: Cha cha cha

I cannot believe The Pips wouldn’t let Gladys dance back in the day! I don’t care if Gladys messes up because she looks like she’s in it to have fun. That’s my kind of contestant! I love the sass factor here. She has definite musicality. I think Tristan may have been too safe in the choreography. I had fun watching this. I almost put down my laptop to dance along. ALMOST. (Note: if I do this, there will be no video for you to judge!)

Bruno said “the legend has got the moves.” He said she’s a real star. Carrie Ann jumped up and danced. She said Gladys was shaking her tail feather like nobody’s business. Len said Gladys’s dance oozed rhythm and she did a wonderful job.


COUPLE: Jaleel & Kym

DANCE: Fox trot

Jaleel wants you to know he’s no Urkel. However, if he makes it to the finale, I’d love to see some Urkel in the freestyle. Just in the first few beats of this dance, I’m going to say Jaleel will make it very far in this competition. He is incredibly graceful! He’s also strong. This is the best fox trot one of the guys has done! If he doesn’t get a few nines from the judges, I’m going to be sad!

Carrie Ann said Jaleel is the icing on the cake. She said his dance was smooth. Len loved the seamless transitions. He said this was the best first show of any season. Bruno said he thought he was watching Gregory Hines. He said Jaleel couldn’t have been better.


WOW! What a fantastic first dance from these couples. Some of them don’t have very far to go (so for drama, I expect some to stumble halfway through the competition). I can’t wait to see their second dances! 

You can see the performances online here.