It’s Motown Night! The top eight couples aren’t the only ones performing this week. The show started with Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves and The Temptations rocking the ballroom. That set the tone for the whole show. Let’s see who has the spirit of The Motor City!

Gladys & Tristan – Rumba

The Temptations performed “My Girl.” I really have my fingers crossed that Gladys can nail this! It’s her week to shine! So here’s what I love about this week already: colorful costumes! The Temptations have red suits. Tristan has a purple suit. I just love that Gladys is having fun. She seems to know the dance. I just think Tristan is leading her, trying to get her to move a little faster sometimes. I liked this. I didn’t feel like she was “My Girl.” That makes me a little Motown sad.

Len said if he could judge with his heart, Gladys would be the top of his leader board. He said Gladys is not the best dancer, but she is the most charismatic dancer. He said it’s “easy like Sunday morning.” Bruno said Gladys has star quality. He said he likes his rumbas steamier. He said he wanted a bit more Beyonce. Carrie Ann said tonight belongs to Gladys. She said it was magical, but there were a lot of forgetful moments. Len said if he was home, he’d be on the phone calling in to vote for Gladys.


Maria & Derek – Fox Trot

Martha Reeves performed “Jimmy Mack.” Maria looks like a fancy disco ball! Oh! She slipped! This was light and cheery and fun (well, except for the lyrics with a plea for Jimmy Mack to come back). I really enjoyed this!

Bruno said it was a gleaming blend of sophistication with elegance. .He said Maria lost her footing, but caught up. Carrie Ann said despite the slip, she liked it. Len said the dance was correct and formal in hold, out of hold it was fun and free.


Roshon & Chelsie – Rumba

Smokey Robinson performed “Cruisin’” (in leather pants!). I’m not gonna lie – I was worried for Chelsie any time she had to have Roshon hold her. He managed to hold onto her without dropping her. Little Roshon! He’s getting to be such a good dancer – even without the strength guys like Donald and William have. Chelsie did drop a few gems from her costume on the dance floor.

Carrie Ann said it got a little sexy at the end, but she said in general she thought Roshon’s moves were over exaggerated. She said Chelsie’s foot came off the floor when it was not supposed to (lots of booing from the audience). Len said it was clipped and jerky. You know what else is clipped and jerky? LEN! Len said he didn’t dislike it. Bruno said what Roshon lacks in size, he makes up in fire. Bruno stood up to show how Roshon’s body wants to hit the beat like in hip hop. He said it’s not correct for the rumba.


Katherine & Mark – Samba

The Temptations performed “I Can’t Get Next To You.” Katherine is a little ball of gold fringe! Mark found one of Gavin’s old hats. This was the first dance of the night that made me want to put down my laptop and dance along. The only things stopping me: the clock (it’s late, y’all) and my dog (he’s sleeping at my feet). If this doesn’t get a perfect score, I’ll yell at the judges. NOTE: I always do this, but they don’t hear me.

Len said he didn’t know if it was an earthquake or if Katherine just shook the place up. He called her “The Midwife” because she keeps delivering week after week. HUH? Bruno said Katherine can bounce. He said the “marriage of Brazil with Funkytown has never been more exhilarating.” Carrie Ann said it was amazing.

SCORE: 29 (no 10 from Len)

Donald & Peeta – Fox Trot

The Temptations performed “The Way You Do The Things You Do.” I absolutely love their blue costumes! It looks like Donald almost lost Peeta for a couple of steps. This fox trot had a little bit of funk (music appropriate, I think). If the judges don’t give them an extra point or two for dancing at their table, the judges are a bunch of fun haters. CHALLENGE!

Bruno said Donald is a show man. He said Donald had power and pizzazz. He said Donald’s performances get better each week. Carrie Ann said she loved the transition from Motown groove to formal hold. She also liked dancing with Donald. Len said he knows Donald was disappointed with him last week, so he expected fireworks. He said Donald didn’t. He said Donald came out and exploded! He told Peeta Donald can do more. He wants more. He said the routine wasn’t as big as Donald’s talent.


Melissa & Maks – Viennese Waltz

Smokey Robinson performed “OOO Baby Baby.” Maks has run out of patience with Melissa. There was a lot of bickering in their rehearsals. No sign of that on the dance floor. Maks’s bow tie must be sewn onto his shirt. In all the twirling they did, it didn’t budge. This was Melissa’s best dance so far! Wow! Lovely!

Carrie Ann said Melissa’s hard work is finally paying off. She said Melissa needs to watch her shoulders. Len said he saw rotation, romance, control, lyrical music in her arms. He said Melissa lost some energy at the end. Bruno said some of Melissa’s extended lines were wonderful. He said Melissa is going in the right direction.