Jaleel & Kym – Cha Cha Cha

The Temptations performed “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” Jaleel’s feet were pretty good. I noticed his shoulders sometimes do a strange thing – like popping. When they weren’t in hold, Jaleel seemed to dance better. WHAT!?! Kym just kicked right through Jaleel’s legs! I’ve never seen that in a cha cha!

Len said he thought Jaleel was a contender week one, then things didn’t work the way he thought, now Jaleel’s back. Bruno said Jaleel burned the floor. He said it was the biggest sizzler of the season. He said Jaleel has come back big time. Carrie Ann said Jaleel brought his “A” game.

SCORE: 29 (no 10 from Len)

William & Cheryl – Rumba

Smokey Robinson performed “Being With You.” During their rehearsals, the smoke alarm went off. It was just their rumba. Oh, no pressure now, William! William delivered. I got nothin’ else. It was THAT hot.

Bruno said it was absolute and utter filth and he loved every minute of it. He said some women in the audience had gone into ecstasy. Carrie Ann thanked William on behalf of all the women. She didn’t think it was William’s best dance. She said there were moments when they were disconnected. She said William is not just a pretty face. She wants William to dance more difficult choreography. Len said it was a little too raunchy for him. Len stood up to demonstrate rocking his hips side to side. He wanted to see forward and backward hip action. He said it was hectic. He said he can’t go into ecstasy as easy as others. Bruno told him to use Viagra. Family show, no?

SCORE: 27 (Bruno gave them a 10)

There was a little Motown break. Smokey Robinson performed “Tears of a Clown.”

The last dance: the cha cha Motown marathon. Each couple will be knocked out by the judges. Here’s how they ranked (with marathon points added to their previous scores):

1. Katherine & Mark – TOTAL: 39 points
2. William & Cheryl – TOTAL: 36 points
3. Jaleel & Kym – TOTAL 37 points
4. Donald & Peta – TOTAL: 34 points
5. Melissa & Maks – TOTAL: 30 points
6. Roshon & Chelsie – TOTAL: 28 points
7. Maria & Derek – TOTAL: 30 points
8. Gladys & Tristan – TOTAL: 24 points

Tuesday, Boys II Men will perform. The bottom two couples (I say Roshon & Gladys) will perform in the dance duel to determine which couple the judges will save.