The first week was one of the best starts to a season of DWTS, I’m not sure these 12 couples will be able to top it – but it’ll sure be fun to watch! Let’s see how they do with their second dances.

 Roshon & Chelsie - Quick step

I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think Michael Jackson ever did the quick step.  This ballroom dance also doesn’t have time for swag. I have my fingers crossed for Roshon. His youth will probably help him power through this fast-paced dance. I’m really impressed. Roshon doesn’t seem to be rattled by this dance. In fact, he almost looked like he was thinking it was too easy. That kid doesn’t even seem out of breath!

Len liked it. He said it had good movement and he loved the Charleston. He liked Roshon’s technique. Bruno said Roshon is pert, alert and cheeky. Bruno said he finds Roshon “delicious.” Yeah. Think about that. Carrie Ann said Roshon turned his swagger into sophistication.


Sherri & Val – Jive

How to put this without being too graphic… Um, Sherri might give herself a black eye with all that hopping around. Oh, holy missteps. If this dance was just about shimmying and singing along to the lyrics, I could be in this competition. Instead, it’s about keeping up with your partner and getting in some kicks. Sherri wasn’t very good at that. But I think she tried her best to channel Tina Turner. Or something.

Bruno said Sherri “knows how to work all that magnificent equipment.” He didn’t care that she messed up. Carrie Ann said she’s in love with Sherri. She said it was a phenomenal routine. Did we see the same dance? She loved Sherri’s confidence. Len said he felt good. He said Sherri went for it 100%. He wanted more jive content, but he said he loves watching Sherri.


Melissa & Maks – Quick step

Trivia: Melissa dated Billy Idol in the 80s. Tonight, she’s dancing to one of his songs. Maks made her cry during rehearsals – but not because he was mean to her. He complimented Melissa and BAM waterworks. I don’t know if it’s because I was chanting “Dancing With Myself” during this routine, but I think this was much better than Melissa’s first dance! I liked it!

Carrie Ann said Melissa had a little slip but recovered well. She said after that, Melissa let go. She said Melissa’s shoulders raise up and she shows the fear on her face. Len said Melissa started off well with good posture and movement, then lost energy and posture. He said the dance became loose. He said it was a tad hectic. Bruno said Melissa coped well with a difficult dance. He said it was a good performance.


Jack & Anna – Jive

Jack appears to have drawn the bad costume of the night. Brown polyster looking pants and vest? Yikes! These two are dancing so close I’m afraid they’re going to kick each other! There’s more jive content here than in Sherri’s dance. There is something strange about Jack’s toe placement when he kicks, but this was so exhausting, I think it was good.

Len liked the content. He likes Jack’s attitude and energy. He said Jack lost a little bit of control. He said Jack should be around next week. Bruno said Jack couldn’t give more if he tried. He said the kicks and flicks have to be right on and Jack sometimes lost it. Carrie Ann said Jack over-danced it so much it through him off. She said Jack needs to sit back in the groove and not be ahead of the beat.


Gladys & Tristan – Quick Step

I want Gladys in this competition for a while, so you people better vote for her no matter what! OOH! I like the light trickery – that piano lighting up as they danced across it on the dance floor!  If Gladys had a misstep here, I didn’t catch it. She was so light on her feet, she made me think this is something I could do. ALMOST. My secret’s out: I love me some Gladys!

Bruno loved Gladys’s natural connection with the music. He said she has to be careful about her frame. Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno. She said Gladys is light on her feet and has a connection with Tristan. She thought the dance was too casual and that Gladys was gazing into Tristan’s eyes. Len said Gladys got through the dance. He didn’t 100% appreciate the dance.


Katherine & Mark – Jive

Mark’s British accent seems to be joining us this season. Katherine thinks it’s funny that Mark wants her to shake her “naughty bits.” I don’t know why they had to start at that craps table. Once they got down to the jive, Katherine didn’t seem to be embarrassed by the steps. And can Katherine kick!?! This was fun and fast! I liked it!

Carrie Ann said it was brilliant. She said she’s never seen the lines Katherine showed. Len said he loved the start and the end – he didn’t love the middle section. He liked it. Bruno said, “The blonde bombshell is unleashed.” He said “that’s how you do flicks.”