Jaleel & Kym – Jive

Maybe it’s Jaleel’s white pants and shoes, but I can’t stop watching him. He’s so fun to watch, but I wanted more awesome kicks from him. Following Katherine’s jive is tough. Jaleel seemed flat-footed during so much of this dance. Sad. I wanted him to kick some nerd booty! L

Len said the dance lacked attack and speed. He said the dance wasn’t sharp. He was disappointed. Bruno said Jaleel’s performances are good, but he said Jaleel has to be sharper. Carrie Ann said Jaleel had a solid performance but it was flat-footed.


Maria & Derek – Quick step

I almost want to make Maria’s laugh my ringtone. Maria hurt a rib during rehearsal. Are they blindfolded? No. They’re like the Hamburglar from the neck up (kids, Google that). There don’t appear to be any signs of a rib injury during this dance. Maria’s footwork seemed a bit off at times. Still, this was fun to watch!

Bruno gave Maria a kiss, then applauded her frame. He said the dance was nearly spotless, but she missed a step in the run. Carrie Ann said they had great frame and hold without being stiff. She noted their out of sync moments. She said Maria had a huge improvement. Len said the dance had speed and control. He said he would have liked more body contact, but this was an improvement from last week.


Martina & Tony – Jive

Martina has an old toe injury (how can we have injuries already?). It was aggravated during rehearsals. ANNNNNDDDD we have our first fringe pants sighting of the season! Martina’s loose fishnet shirt might be a first on a lady. Oh, Martina. I wanted this to be good, but losing footwork in the beginning is not a good start. This was just bad – from the costume to the performance. I’m happy Martina kept a smile, but this was not good. Not Kate Gosselin bad (which should make Tony happy).

Carrie Ann said she loved the approach to the routine, but there were a lot of missteps. Len said the dance was too neat and precise. He said it was too careful and lacked attack. Bruno said her “serve went into the net.” He said she couldn’t keep up, but when she relaxed, she was good.


Donald & Peta – Quick step

Does Donald have the skinniest legs ever on this show? That’s all I saw during his rehearsal footage. They are long legs, which I notice he used pretty well during this dance. I like that Donald makes me question his skills during rehearsal, but he pulls it all together for the show. He also looks like he’s having a good time out there, so that’s worth at least a 6 in my book!

Len said that performance was one of the best he’s seen tonight. He said he undermarked Donald last week. WOW! Bruno said Donald had great lines and delivery. He said Donald was refined and elegant. Carrie Ann said Donald’s hold was beautiful. She said he had a smooth, elegant charm.


Gavin & Karina – Jive

Oh, good. Gavin has a hat again. It’s like he doesn’t want me to look at his feet. I know Karina can jive. Gavin took a while to warm up. This was better than his dance last week, but not the best jive of the night. I wanted more kicks!

Bruno liked Gavin’s leather costume. He said Gavin messed up a lot of flicks and kicks – which is what the jive was all about. He said Gavin’s a good performer – especially in leather. Carrie Ann said Gavin is pushing his boundaries. Len liked the feel of the dance and the energy of it. He thought Gavin improved from last week.


William & Cheryl – Quick step

Why is there no such thing as a shirtless quick step? Sexist, I know. But William is all chesty – in a good way! Cheryl has whipped up a ridiculously fast quick step – and William totally kept up. He looked graceful and like he’s been doing ballroom dances for years! What a great way to end the show! BTW: I’m rooting for no shirt next week!

Carrie Ann said William turned up the heat in the ballroom. She said William had posture and form. She said he’s like the Harry Connick, Jr., of the ballroom. Len said William needed better footwork and body contact. He said it was good, not great. Bruno said even fully clothed, William has the ability to dazzle. He said William reminds him of “The Artist.” He said it was superb.


Tuesday night, Sugarland and Matt Nathanson will perform. Also, one couple will go home (looking at you, Martina). You can watch the show online here. You can find more information on the music used during the show here.