Cowboy Troy sang for these two. They were dressed like cowboys (I think). Fellas, again, check this one. Peta’s wearing essentially a fringe bikini. There were so many lifts in this; I don’t know how they were able to keep their hats on for most of this dance! WOW!

Carrie Ann was standing on the table dancing. Never seen that! She said it was her favorite dance of the night. Len said Donald took a great chance and was fantastic. Bruno said he cannot resist a ride in the wild, Wild West. He said it was a country-inspired triumph.



Tuesday, the finalists perform one more time – a dance they’ll learn right after Monday’s show. Also, I’m going to take the last night off because the winner will be old news by the time I get around to recapping. My pick to win the mirrorball trophy: Katherine & Mark. See ya next season!