The competition was fierce, the first few moments tense, but it didn’t take long for judge Jack Ward to choose a winner.

Braeden Raub and his almost 1,300-pound steer were awarded the Grand Champion title.

"I was a little bit shocked but really happy," said Raub.

The competition was close. Ward explained how he picked the winner.

"For me it starts with fundamentals. They need to be structurally sound on their feet and legs, and yet they are market steers so you want the right kinds of muscle with the right kind of finish,” said Ward.

The steer will be auctioned off. Raub admitted it would be hard to say goodbye.

"Me and him really bonded," Raub said.

Raub will also receive a $10,000 scholarship.

"This project doesn’t happen overnight. These kids get these steers at weaning time, which is when they (are) calves and approximately 6 to 8 months in age and then they have to break them, feed them (and) they have to teach them how to show," said Ward.