When you head to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, you would expect to see animals associated with the rodeo -- horses, bulls, calves, sheep, and pigs -- but not baboons. 

But for the first time, you will also see baboons -- yes, baboons -- at the rodeo.

Exotic animal trainer Kevin Keith has brought his Wild About Monkeys show to town, featuring two baboons, Dagney and Mickey.

“They are one of the most social of all the monkeys," he said. "They love to be together. They're amazing and smart animals."

Keith, along with his wife, Martina Keith, has been training baboons for more than two decades.

“We like to share what wonderful animals they are," Keith said.

The show lasts about 30 minutes. The baboons perform a few entertaining tricks, but they are not the only ones in a the show. 

A parrot flies off the hand of Kevin Keith into the stands and grabs a dollar out of the fingers of an audience member. The bird returns to Keith and puts the dollar in his shirt pocket. 

“It was funny. I wasn't sure I was going to get it back, but I didn't care," said Arlyne Martinez, who did get the dollar back.

The bird and a border collie are small part of the show.

The main attraction -- the baboons -- is what the audience loves to watch.

“They are so much like us," he said. "They are so human-like."

And that is part of the enjoyment of training the animals and educating the public, he said.

“It’s a labor of love," Keith said.

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